My Miniature World Forum

Hello Everyone,

For those who don't have a Face Book Page and prefer the likes of just surfing the net, now we finally created a FORUM. 

Everyone can join in where you can share your miniature creations and dolls house projects. It is just the perfect place where you can actually find other persons with the same hobby. You can share your own tips, ask questions, share your stories and experiences, have discussions about dolls houses and miniatures all over the world, tutorials, related links to shops, websites and blogs, You can also have a chat and share what life throws at you in the off topic board and most importantly you join in as a friend and stay as a family.  So join in,  be part of it and enjoy it.

To join in you have to 
enter in this link :
Once your account is approved you can start posting and have fun.

Don't miss out and join our friendly forum.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Rebecca xxx