Thursday, 18 April 2019

Miniature Furniture for the dolls house in The Miniaturist Room

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a great week. The weather here is getting much warmer. I can't wait for Summer to arrive!

Today I will be sharing with you a small project that I have been working on for The Miniaturist project.

To add more detail to the room, I added a few micro scale miniature furniture to the blue shelved dolls house.

The tiny 1:144 scale miniature furniture came in kit form by SDK miniatures which are quite fiddly to make. 

Even though the are challenging to assemble, I enjoyed every second of it.

Every room was decorated differently to suit the wall paper and flooring applied to the tiny dollshouse.

Here are a few photos of the whole project.

I hope you have liked the tiny dolls house in the Miniaturist Project.

Before closing this post I want to announce the winner of our give away for the Miniature Folding Dolls House book.

The winner is Pilar6373. Well done! Please send me a private message with your address and details so I can post it to you.  For those who really want the Folding Dollshouse book, it is available for sale from My Miniature World Shop at Etsy We will be having more give aways in the near future so don't give up.

So this is all for today. Will be sharing with you the complete project of The Miniaturist very soon. Keep tuned for the next update.

Take care and See you soon.


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 8 April 2019

New Arrival to The Tudor Manor

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you are well. A big welcome goes to the new followers of the blog too!

I have been adding a few more items to The Tudor Manor; my only vintage dolls house that I have, that goes way back 40 years. The Tudor Manor was built by the Founders of the Dolls House Emporium in 1979.

I have been collecting some vintage pieces for the 1930's style house that I will be sharing with you very soon, but I have quite the announcement to make. The Noble's have a new arrival to their family.  Welcome Baby Gloria!

Baby Gloria was more suitable for the Tudor Manor especially for her size and outfit. The cot looks more fuller now with a bigger baby and her clothing fits more for a 1930's period. 

I have gotten the little sweetheart from the Dolls House Netherland Show in Arnhem, The Netherlands  in March. 

Baby Gloria is a Heidi Ott doll with such a cute face. For some reason she reminds me so much of my own baby Leah. 

What makes this little doll more special is actually the amazing artist who made the whole outfit and booties. Marijke Van Vuuren a Dutch lady, with such a  sweet smile. A talented knitting artist that is beyond any expert. She was taught to knit by her grandmother at a very young age of four during WWII. Even during the difficult times, this artist made the best of it and now you can see it in her work. For some reason I can picture a little girl besides her granny, eager to learn the skill even in such dark times. 

In Arnhem, her stall was packed with tiny little knitted accessories such as tiny booties, tiny purses and bags, blankets, kitchen towels, pretty dresses, sweaters, hats and  whatever you can imagine. The lady totally left me speechless. I can't imagine the gauge of the knitting needles  that she uses to weave such magic. They must be the finest to make such tiny minis and not to mention that the knitted clothes, being a dress, a sweater and even trousers, they all fasten up like the real clothes.  Basically Baby Gloria's clothes can be changed without any difficulty. 

Baby Gloria had a matching twin. Posy had to choose between the two. It was a difficult decision but knowing that Posy is all about pink she chose the one with the pink dress. The other baby is as luck as Baby Gloria, for she has also found a loving home. 

Maybe in a few years,  I will get to meet Marijke Van Vuuren again. I have quite a list of miniature accessories to get from her.

Also don't forget the Give Away of the Folding Dolls House Book,  that will be closing on 13th April 2019. Go to this Link for the details to participate. 

This is all for today, keep tuned for the next updates.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Thursday, 4 April 2019

'Completing The Miniaturist's Room' Part 4 on Life & Style

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you are having a great week. Like usual I'm busy with my miniature work but I have to admit I am enjoying every bit of it!

My Miniature World on facebook has reached over 18,000 likes and followers. I want to thank you for all the encouragement and support. As a thank you I will be  preparing a give-away for you.... but first I will be sharing my progress on The Miniaturist Project. You will find the details of the give-away at the end of this post!

For the last few weeks I continued working on 'The Miniaturist' Project and I was delighted to work on the actual miniaturist's room. The progress of this room has also been shared on the 'Life & Style' TV Show on the Maltese channel NET TV.

The Miniaturist's Room
I have added so many items in this room and there is so much to see, but before I begin I wanted to introduce you to the miniaturist, Lady Adelaide. 

The Miniaturist Lady Adelaide
 Lady Adelaide is another lovely doll made by my dear friend and favorite doll maker Beverley Senatore. She fitted in the scene perfectly. Lady Adelaide tends to keep to herself and she surrounds herself with her dolls and miniatures.  Just like any miniaturist, her room is quite busy.

I have added so many accessories for this room which mostly I made myself. I had gotten these two kits from Artofmini while I was at the DHNS in Arnhem, knowing too well that they would come handy for this particular project.

One by one I built them and was very pleased with the outcome.

I have added wooden legs to the open shelved dolls house so it can go higher and won't obstruct the rest of the furniture. I will be adding tiny furniture pieces to each of the rooms.

I also got myself this theater kit from Jane Harrop which looks quite cute in the room.

Then I added these white metal dolls houses that have been hand painted by my father. Each dolls house is detailed with tiny furniture. Eventually More of these house will be added to the room. 

My favorite part was adding details to the miniaturist's table. All accessories were made by me such as the tiny paint brushes, paint pots and paint tubs. The tiny wall paper and flooring have been down sized and printed to fit the scene.

Lady Adelaide has her favorite doll Amelia to keep her company.  

Amelia the Doll
 Amelia the tiny doll was another miniature that I got for this project from the DHNS in Arnhem. She is very tiny and sits quite nicely in a 1:48 scale chair. Amelia was made by the Spanish Artist Victoria Heredia Guerbo. 

Finally I decorated this crate for the miniaturist. I am sure that most miniaturists have boxes filled with bits and pieces that might come useful to their work.

I have added a few wall frames which contain pictures of children playing with their miniatures and dolls. These have been all printed on canvas to look like paintings.

My favorite frame of all is the 'House Cleaning' picture. A few of you may already know that I have the same picture in my own dolls house gallery. It is very precious to me. For those who are interested to know about its origins you can visit the link to my blog post House Cleaning - The Prize

House Cleaning
As Lady Adelaide lives right on top of the Dickens Book Shop she found an interesting book in the window that drew her attention.

The Folding Dolls House Book. It is a miniature book  that I have been working on and has turned out to be quite a success. This book folds open into a four room dolls house setting were you can also add 1:144 scale dolls house furniture pieces.

The room was all set up during the TV Show 'Life & Style' were Charles Saliba and I got to share it with the audience.

Charles Saliba and I

Here are the three video clips were you get to see the progress of the room during the show.

A few photos of the finished miniaturist's room. Most probably I will still be adding more to it. 

Finally, as promised, here is the Give Away for my followers and fans. The Folding Dolls House Book as seen in The Miniaturist Project.

To get a chance to get this miniature Folding Dolls House book all you have to do is:

1) Be or Become a follower of My Miniature World Blog

2) Leave a comment on this blog post so I'll know who wants to take part.

Closing date is Saturday, 13th April 2019. The lucky winner will be announced shortly afterwards. So make sure not to miss out!

This is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed the progress of this project. Make sure to keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 25 March 2019

'The Making of the Kitchen' Part 3 on Life & Style

Hello everyone,

Hope you are well and that you had a great weekend. I have been quite busy and a bit under the weather for the past few days. Before I start I wanted to welcome the new followers of the blog. Welcome!

Last Tuesday, I got to share more of the progress on the new project 'The Miniaturist'. I worked on the tiny room which is now the kitchen.

The first thing I added to the room was the small kitchen stove, which was built and hand painted by my father.

With the stove ready and in place I could work on the surrounding. The surrounding was made with wood and with the same tiled card board used for the walls. 

When that was completed, I added shelves and the ceramic sink. There was enough space to have a work surface  in the corner. I opted to make a side table with a marble effect surface.

Finally I added a few kitchen accessories. It is far from ready but it's looking good.

Tuesday I took the project to the Life & Style TV Show.  As you can see the kitchen is quite bare at the introduction of the show.

During the TV Show I get to work on the project and add the details and accessories. I usually give the audience a brief description of what I use and even  share the knowledge of the research that I would have done to achieve my work and design.

From here I would like to thank the producer of the TV Show 'Life & Style' Joanne Tanti for giving me such an amazing opportunity to share my work. Thank you so much Joanne!

The Producer Joanne Tanti and I

I hope you have liked the kitchen so far. I can't wait to see it all done. I will be working on the miniaturist room. There is so much to do. Keep tuned for the next update on this project.

Take Care and See You soon.


Rebecca xxx