Friday, 16 November 2018

Live on TV Show 'Life & Style'

Hello everyone,

How are you all? I hope that you are all set for another weekend. For the past few days I'm a bit under the weather but I am sure I will be better in no time. Before I start I wanted to welcome the new followers of the blog and on Google Plus WELCOME!

I have been quite busy during the week. Let's say it was a bit more than usual. I didn't have time to tell you that it's been a week today that I have been live on the Maltese TV Show 'Life & Style.'

A few days before the actual date, I received a phone call from Ms. Joanne Tanti, inviting me to take part in the TV show 'Life & Style' on NET TV Channel. I was asked to bring some sort of miniature that I could make which eventually will turn into a big project. I only had three days to think about a project that I could carry with me to the studio.

I thought of a small room box which would be easy to handle. It would be great to fill the library with my own miniature books. Being so short on time and I didn't really know what was expected from me I opted to take one of Melissa's Lazerville chair kits with me which I could build, paint and decorate there on the set. 

Melissa and I
I am pleased to say that even if I was acquainted with Melissa online, I got to meet her during the Doll, Teddy and Miniature Fair in The Netherlands last month. It was great to get to meet her in person. Her kits are very nice and I enjoy doing them even if they are made out of cardboard. You can visit her Shop at etsy called Melissa' s Miniwereld.

So the day came and I was very nervous. I had all my stuff prepared to take with me to the studio.  I arrived at the Media Link and I was introduced to the producer and to the presenters of the show. They made me feel relaxed immediately and welcomed me to the team. 

The Set
So there I was at the set preparing my stuff before being aired live on TV, getting orientated to my surroundings and hoping that I won't mess it up.  They added more make up in their lovely dressing room. Offered me coffee or tea a 100 times or if I wanted to drink anything else.  As the show was about to start I also got to be in the control room to see how everything works, hearing them counting the seconds and all the exciting things which to them is just another day of work.

My time was up and I was called to the set. The first part was the introduction to myself and the passion of my dolls houses. 

After the introduction was made. I put myself to work and started working on the cute little chair while the show continued with the other guests.

In the second part I got to finish building the chair and also managed to paint it. 

Between the second part and the third part I didn't have much time to finish the chair as I wanted, but managed to do the soft furnishings of it. 

 As I wasn't happy with the finishing of the chair, as soon as I was home I got myself busy and finished it off with the braiding and even painted the decor on the fabric. 

Here is the finished chair now which will look lovely in the library.

I will be back on the TV Show 'Life & Style' next Friday at 12:45 pm on the Maltese Channel Net TV. 

Before I close the post today I have an announcement to make. The winner of the miniature Give away Book is Ricardo Santos. Well done Ricardo! Kindly send me a private message or email with your details so I can post the book. I want to thank you all for participating in the draw. There will be more give aways coming soon so don't give up. 

This is all for today, Keep tuned for the next update and more.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Saturday, 10 November 2018

A New Guest at The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn

Hello Everyone.

Another week has gone by.  Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today it's been quite stormy here and so I decided to stay indoors. It's been raining constantly and it got colder too. Before I start I want to welcome the new followers to the blog! Welcome!

Today I wanted to share with a new guest that just arrived at The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn. 

A young lady walked into the pub late this afternoon. Most of the gentlemen fixed their eyes on the young species walking in among them. The regular clients have never seen her before. For starters, it was uncommon for a refined lady such as herself to walk into the pub, unaccompanied. And not to mention her beauty and her scarlet red hair. 

The young lady walked among them, not bothered by the stares that she got. She walked silently to the fire place and spent a few minutes looking at the portrait of the Master himself in a very loving way.  

The men talked under their breath among themselves; asking who she was and what business brings her to the pub. She knew too well that they spoke about her. With the last glance at the portrait she went up the stairs towards the Parlour. 

She could hear a gentleman talking and the soothing voice of the lady she was seeking. 

"Mother, I'm back!"

"My sweet girl Roslyn!" The young lady ran to Madam Barrett and embraced her. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Miss Roslyn Barrett.  

There are quite a few rumors about Roslyn. Who is Roslyn? Where does she come from? She is rarely seen? A few say that she is indeed the daughter of the Master Swordsman and Madam Barrett. but how could it be? She was too young to be their daughter. Some say that she was found by the couple and raised her as their own. After all she does carry the Barrett's name.  Indeed she was their daughter; if not by flesh and blood, definitely in respect and love. She loved both her parents and they loved her. Even though she was scarcely out in the public eye, Roslyn tended to keep to herself and travel. She didn't take her father's passing lightly so she needed sometime to be alone. 

Mr. Fletcher Oaks was quite taken by her and Madam Barrett could see that. 

Miss Roslyn still missed who she held dear to her but was ready to move on. Even though he was not with her in the flesh, she kept him in her heart. 

Miss Roslyn Barrett is another lovely doll made by my dear friend and favorite doll maker Beverly Senatore. She was meant to be part of the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn.

I hope you like the new guest and the additional story to the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn.

Keep tuned for the next update on The Traditional Dolls House.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Celebrating Seven Years of Blogging!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a great week! I know, it's not typical of me to post in the middle of the week but today is slightly more special. Today we are celebrating our Seventh Year Anniversary of My Miniature World Blog.

Wow! I can't believe that it's been seven years since I started this blog. I remember I was a full time mum at the time. It kept me busy to document my dolls house work and progress. It was ideal to keep in touch with the outer world, hoping that there would be someone besides me, who would be interested in what I do. 

By time it became a life-style. I enjoyed sharing what I do best. The blog holds some special memories and reminds me of the time when I worked on a past project.

Today My Miniature World blog has 261 followers and 205 followers on Google plus. In these seven years I have shared over 30 dolls house projects in 291 blog posts. As the number keeps changing so far it had over 341,460 views and 1,000 comments. 

I am very pleased that My Miniature World Blog has achieved so much and it's all thanks to you followers and friends. The blog has changed in so many ways and I am thankful that it can be an inspiration to others. 

For those who never got to see my older dolls houses here are some pictures of them in my younger days. 

My First Dolls House The Chestnuts Photo taken in 2008
My Third Dolls House Matquel's Antiques & China Shop. Photo taken early 2010. The first shop to be built for my Regent Street.

Back in October 2011 when I completed my 5th Dolls House 'Sea View'

When things started to get serious! My dolls House collection back in 2013.

Before closing this post, I want to thank everyone here, who has given me support and encouragement to reach where I am today. From the depth of my heart, I  can't thank you enough. "THANK YOU"

Part of the celebration and to show my appreciation here comes another Give-Away to my faithful followers. 

Here is the miniature book called The 3 Little Kittens which is fully readable and illustrated. 

To get a chance to get this miniature book you have to:

1) Be or Become a follower of My Miniature World Blog

2) Leave a comment down below so I'll know you want to take part. 

Closing Date is 14th November 2018. I will be announcing the lucky winner shortly afterwards.

So don't miss your chance!

That is all for today. Will keep you posted with some new updates, so make sure to keep tuned.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Finishing the Outside of The Traditional Dolls House

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. I have really worked hard during this past week on my miniature orders, on the progress on The Traditional Dolls House and today I also started taking some points on my new project 'Pembroke Grange' which will be having a Regency Period Style.

I am pleased to say that the outside of the 'Traditional' Dolls House is complete. 

Before I left for The Netherlands, I have left this project with one side of the roof tiled and painted. Once I settled back, I continued working on the roof.

The roof took exactly 400 roof slates. Once those were fixed and painted throughout. I have weathered them a little to give the roof more detail.

The Traditional Dolls House kit never had any chimney pots just like 'Rose Cottage' but I wanted four chimney pots placed on the chimney stacks. I order the chimney pots from the Dolls House Emporium to mach the brand of the house. 

 The house was pretty much ready only for the last few details on the front of the house. 'The Classical' Basement came with decorative wooden strips to its front just to match with 'The Classical' Dolls House. 'The Traditional' dolls house never came with those strips, not even the updated kit 'The Park House'. I had two choice; one was to totally eliminate the decorative wall strips from the basement or add  the wooden strips on 'The Traditional' dolls House. You can imagine what I have opted for. 

 Indeed 'The Traditional' Dolls House adopted its new decorative wall strips from 'The Classical' Dolls House. It wasn't easy to find the exact type of wood strip measurements, like the ones that came with the basement. It was just 1 mm difference from the width and depth  but to me it didn't look neat, so I also changed the wood pieces of the basement to match with the dolls house. 

 I am very happy how it turned out. Here are few pictures of the finished 'Traditional' dolls house from the outside.

Can't wait to start adding the lights, wall paper and flooring to the house, so then little Leah can decorate it, the way she wants.

I am so looking forward to start preparing to work on my new project too. Very excited and nervous at the same time. 

Keep tuned for the next updates on 'The Traditional' Dolls House.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Miniature Pumpkin Pots Tutorial

Hello everyone,

Here we are once again! Halloween! The time of year where our ghostly friends come out to play and where our Jack-O-Lanterns glows just for this one night. I remember myself as a child going trick-or-treating for all sorts of goodies. I remember I had this big plastic pumpkin that used to be full of sweets by the end of my task. My favorite sweets were the ginger flavored ones. It was the only time of year that I was allowed to take candy. Today I thank my parents especially my mum for looking out for my teeth ;-)

Being Halloween I wanted to share with you an easy tutorial. Something that you could use for Halloween and even all year round. Me being such a pumpkin fan I decided to make miniature pumpkin pots. 

Materials that you will be needing are: 

Polymer clay (orange, green and brown)
A few pots ( any size will do)
Crafts wire 1.2 mm up to 1.5 mm thickness will do
Moss green acrylic paint
(optional: pastel colors)
cutting pliers
needle tool
paint brush
PVA glue
(optional : scenic greenery and soil)

Step 1:

Using the cutting pliers, first cut out various pieces of wire approx 5 cm in length. These eventually will be trimmed. I have cut out eight pieces (2 for each pot) but you can do as much as you like. Put the wire pieces aside. 

Step 2:

Taking the orange polymer clay make tiny balls approx 1 cm wide for the largest pumpkin. You can make even smaller if you want. It all depends how big is your flower pot. 

With the orange polymer clay balls make tiny pumpkins. Using the needle tool make a dent on top and at the bottom of the ball. Make 5 large line dents all around the circumference from the top dent to the bottom dent to shape your pumpkin. Then add small line dents around to give it more detail. 

Once you are happy with your pumpkin add the stem using the green polymer clay. Roll out the green clay into a tiny cylinder (approx  2-3 mm thickness) and add it to the top of the pumpkins. 

This is optional: Using pastels brush some autumn colors on your pumpkins.  

Step 3:

Taking the cut out pieces of wire. Twist the wire around as you like and with the end part of the wire, puncture the pumpkins at the stems.

Step 4:

Fill the terracotta pots with the brown polymer clay. Make sure that the pots are not plastic as these have to be baked too. Also don't fill the pots to the brim with the clay.

Step 5:

Shape the wire accordingly and cut the extra wiring if they are too long. Make sure that the end of the wire is firm in the clay's pot. Once you are happy with your design bake the pots with the pumpkins according to your polymer clay's brand (I gave them 40 min on a low temperature) 

Step 6:

Once the pumpkin pots have been baked and have cooled down, paint the wire with the moss green acrylic paint. Don't worry if by mistake you paint the pumpkins. Take a wet one and gently wipe off. 

Step 7:

This is optional. You can paint the base of the pot with brown paint to make it look like soil or using some PVA glue you can scatter some tea leaves from a tea bag or use scenic greenery and soil to make your soil look more realistic. Let the pva set.

Step 8: 

Your pumpkin pots are done!

Here are some pictures of my pumpkin pots.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that you will find it useful. 

From here I wish you all a Happy Halloween and a Spooky Fright Night! 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca 🎃