Sunday, 10 December 2017

Winter Project - Snowman Teapot Tutorial

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you had a great weekend and are all set for Christmas.  Here it's getting quite cold but bearable. Compared to other countries I can't complain. 

Today I will be sharing with you a Winter Project that you can use for your miniature Christmas Scenes. 

Snowman teapot
The American Miniaturist Magazine on December's issue has featured one of my own polymer clay miniature Tutorial It's Time for Tea

 For those who don't have a copy of the magazine. Here is the tutorial. 

Here is the list of materials and tools that you will need.
1) Crafts knife 
2) Needle tool.
3) Polymer clay. I used glamour green, red, white, black and orange.

Step 1


Using the white polymer clay form a ball of 1.5 cm diameter and shape it to look like the body of the snowman. The bottom part should be flattened and the top more rounded.

Form a small ball not bigger than 1 cm diameter using the same white polymer clay for the snowman’s head. Also make a small log approx 1.5 cm long making one of the edges thinner and cutting the thicker slightly slanting for the teapot’s spout. If you want you can cut a ‘V’ shape at the thinner part of the spout to give it more detail 

Add the small head to the body of the snowman. Add and shape the spout to the lower side of the snowman’s body. Here you can see that the teapot is already taking shape.

Step 2

Take the orange clay and roll a tiny piece into a cone shape to make it look like a tiny carrot  for the snowman’s nose.

Using the black clay make a very thin log and cut tiny bits to form the coal pieces for the eyes and mouth of the snowman and also for the buttons on it’s body. The tinnier the pieces are the better. 

Add the nose and the black pieces to the snowman. I first start by adding the nose right in the center of the snowman’s face. Then I add the eyes and the mouth. Finally I add the buttons to the center body of the snowman. 

Step 3

To make a tiny hat for the snowman I used the green polymer clay. Form a tiny log of 5 mm long and flatten a tiny ball for the hat’s brim. 

Adding the 2 pieces together, shape a tiny hat and position it on the snowman’s head.

Step 4

Using the red polymer clay roll a very thin long log to make the scarf for the snowman and the handle of the teapot.


Taking half of the log start from the right and go clock wise around the snowman’s head until the piece falls in front like a scarf. Cut the front  part of the scarf in any length that you prefer. The other end of the scarf should be hidden underneath.

Taking the other half of the red log,  form the teapot’s handle starting from underneath the scarf going down to the snowman’s lower side. This will make the handle look like it’s part of the scarf.

When you are happy with how the teapot looks, you can add more detail to it. I have added a small holly on the snowman’s hat and added a green pocket on the front.

Bake the snowman according to the specifications of your polymer clay’s brand.

Once baked you can add your teapot to your miniature dolls house scene or just add a golden thread to the handle and hang it to your Christmas tree

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that you will find it useful.

In the mean time I'm still working on my new display box and I have so much to share with you. So make sure to keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and see you soon,


Rebecca xxx 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Timekeeper's Shop - Display Box

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Hope you are fine and that you have enjoyed your weekend. Today is the first day of Advent. This weekend I was busy putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating for Christmas. The kids loved it as much as I do. 

Time does fly by. In a few weeks we would also be saying goodbye to another year. Mentioning "Time" I have started working on a very small project which is a display box and I have decided to turn it into a Clock Shop. This one is going to be called The Timekeeper's Shop. 

Time is always something that I'm running out of. Time is something that I always fight against. It is something that works precise. There is no going back or going forward. Time can work in your favor or against you. I  have always been a very organized person and let's say quite the perfectionist and to add to my list I am a very punctual person. You would most definite find me five minutes early than a minute late.  Some would say it's a good thing, on the other hand I don't see it that way because at the end I'm the one who has to wait.

I had this display box. It came in white. I had a few figurines in it that  eventually moved to another project. It was put away for a few years and I guess now was the right time to do something with it. At the moment I'm really, really busy. I never have been busy as I have been in the past few weeks and starting a big project is definitely not a wise decision. 

I liked the shape of the shop but I just didn't like the color. So I sanded it down and painted it in a blue-grey color. I also ripped off the old wall paper. 

I wanted a weathered look for it which I dry brushed with dark brown paints. 

Another thing that I hated about this display box was the shop window itself. So I designed a new one using thick cardboard and painted it to match with the display box. 

The front window was designed keeping in mind that I wanted the shop sign; "The Timekeeper's Shop". I have also printed a nice wall paper to match. I didn't want the wall paper to be too eye catching so the clocks won't lose their effect in the shop. 

To add some more details to the front I bricked the lower front of the shop and weathered it to match. 

Being a display box, space is always an issue. You can have a lot of ideas for it but you just can't make them fit. The pieces of furniture had to be custom made for it which I have managed to do. I made a small desk or work table to fit the side wall. 

Then I made a custom made  floor shelf, not too deep but good enough to display the clocks in it. 

I added a few more pieces and I think they fitted in perfectly to the display. 

I guess it will be fun now filling up the walls and shelves with all kind of clocks. There will definitely be more details added to it.

Finally I worked a bit more on the front and I'm really pleased how it turned out. 

I almost forgot.....Posy has also helped me decorate for Christmas. She has found one of my favorite Christmas decorations. My miniature Fisher Price dolls house. She was a great help especially as it's her first Christmas. 

So this is all for today. I hope you like my new small project. I'm looking forward to work on it a bit more.  So keep tuned for the next update. 

Take Care and See You Soon,


Rebecca xxx

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Introducing Posy!

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you are all fine and that you are enjoying your weekend.  Can't believe how time flies, November is almost at it's end and soon we will be having Christmas! Like always I'm looking forward to it.

Today, I won't be posting on any of my new projects but I wanted to introduce you to my new companion .

Everyone!..Meet my dear Posy! Posy is a very tiny teddy only around 13 cm high. She comes all the way from The Netherlands. She is one-of-a-kind teddy and made especially for me from the amazing teddy bear maker Marrie Van Vliet.

Posy arrived in Malta a month ago while I was very busy with a conference at work. She had touched my heart before I even saw her. On the same day I took her with me to the conference. I wanted to get to know her better. She has a very sweet face. I knew immediately that we would have bonded together. 

Posy at the Conference
Posy comes everywhere with me now a days being dinner shopping and sometimes even to the office. 

At Dinner
At my office

To make it short whenever I can she comes with me. 

I got her a new teddy for those hours when she can't be with me. At least I know that she is not alone.

Posy with her new teddy

So you might all ask.....What's with the cute teddy? Well Posy is going to be assisting me especially when I come to open the dolls house gallery for the public. You will be seeing her often in photos. 

Actually she has already been around while I was working on J.R. Art Gallery. 

Posy Visiting J.R. Art Gallery
Posy will be assisting me during my miniature work ........

Posy helping out  in my miniature work for clients. 

.........and she has been already helping out with the move to the new dolls house area.

Posy assisting at the front desk of the new Doll House Area.

A few days ago I got to make a new armchair just for her. The little tot needs to be comfortable as well. 

Posy trying out her new armchair

Posy and I spend quite some time together. I'm very attached to her and I'm sure we will be having lots of adventures together. 

So keep an eye out for Posy in the near future. 

Take Care and See you soon.


Rebecca xxxx

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Interviewed By the Dolls House Emporium - J.R. Art Gallery

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having a great week. Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know that I'm still around. It's been a busy week for me but quiet an exciting one too.

After completing J.R. Art Gallery the Dolls House Emporium had featured the project on their Facebook Page and the next day I was invited to an exclusive interview on the project. 

The interview has been published just two days ago where you can find it on the Dolls House Emporium Blog. You can also read it here An Interview with Rebecca Micallef.

I was really thrilled about it. They also got to share the interview on Facebook. 

From here I want to thank the Dolls House Emporium for giving me the opportunity to share J.R. Art Gallery and my work with them. I have always been a big fan and collector of their dolls houses. 

Hope you'll find it interesting.

Keep tuned for the beginning of  the new small project that is coming very soon.  

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Closing the Curtains to the J.R. Art Gallery.

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you all had a great weekend. November is passing through fast and soon we will be preparing for Christmas. I have been working on a few new Christmas miniatures. There is a good chance that I might make a tiny Christmas miniature project like I always do. This time it will be really small. I'm really busy this year. In just a few weeks all my dolls houses will be moving to their new home. 

Today I will be sharing with you the complete project of J.R. Art Gallery. I still can't believe that it is all done and ready. 

J.R. Art Gallery
It's heart breaking seeing such a loved project coming to an end. This project took me 3 months from start to finish and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

As the artist's private quarters was complete I had to focus more on the gallery.  I wanted to give it more detail especially on the counter of the gallery.

I have added one of my own hand painted miniature cash registers and added more detail to it. 

On the other side of the counter I have made a Victorian style frame stand made out of cardboard and I also added a tiny painting on the frame. 

To the counter I added more tiny frames  and pieces of canvas to fill in. On top of the counter I added another bust that I painted and a few more details such as the jar full of paint brushes and a finished painting ready to be packed for a client. 

I added a few more paintings and a few more busts on pillars around the gallery. The Gallery is full to the brim.

Finally a few new clients arrived to the gallery to see what Mr. Rookie has to offer. 

Even the lovely Miss Leah decided to take a look. The gallery has so much to offer. She was so impressed and congratulated the talented artist. I wonder which painting she would go for. 

I had one brunette doll that was made by my dear Beverley Senatore.  I have had her for years but never got to use her in any of my projects or even tried to dress her. 

I thought of dressing her up. She would make a fine companion to Mr. Rookie. I dressed her up in a Victorian morning out-fit and a pretty hat with matching parasol. 

Here is Miss Reeva who will be part of this project. I really hope that Mr. Rookie will like her.  She has eyed some nice paintings especially the most prestige ones in the gallery. 

Here are the final pictures of the J.R. Art Gallery.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this project. It is overwhelming when closing the curtains to a loved project. This one has a very special place in my heart. Before closing this post, I want to thank José and Beverly for making this project more special. I also want to thank you all for following this project through the blog. 

I'm pretty sure you are all asking me what's next on the agenda.???? I am already preparing for a bigger project which will be part of Regent Street as well.  At the moment I'm studying the building and getting supplies to start it off. In the mean time I am working on a small display box and even thinking of making a tiny Christmas project, so make sure to keep tuned as I will be having new things to share.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxxx