Thursday 4 July 2024

Latest News - 'Designing and Decorating a Period Dolls' House'

 Hello Everyone,

How are you all? It has been a while since my last post. I totally apologise for that but I have been extremely busy and lots to do before the release of my new book 'Designing and Decorating a Period Dolls' House'

I am very proud to say that the book has been printed and will soon be released. I can't wait for the first copy to arrive which cross fingers will happen next week. 

You can visit The Crowood Press  for more information about the release of the book. The Crowood Press is the publishing house of my book which is based in the UK. 

This step by step book is ideal for beginners to guide them through how to build and decorate a period dolls' house. You will also find how to make soft furnishings, install lighting and other small projects. I am sure that some will find it very useful. 

I will never forget when I received the email from The Crowood Press offering me this once in a life time opportunity to write the book for them. It's not everyday you are offered to publish a book. To me it was a very big decision to take; for starters I never wrote a book in my life, second I was committed to hand in the book in 18 months and third a bit of self doubt always triggers the conscious. But then I thought to myself that this opportunity was meant  for me. From all dolls' house artists in the world they liked my work and how I write and they chose me for the task. So I took the plunge. 

Through this book I got to build 'No 44 Mornington House' which was designed and made totally for the book. I have to say it holds a special place in my heart. Building this dolls' house was challenging for me as my main focus was on how to build a dolls house through the reader's eyes especially for those who are new to the hobby. Nevertheless, I achieved more than my expectations. 

No 44 Mornington House proudly standing in my sitting room. 

The Crowood team was marvellous. They guided me through the whole process, helped me through out the writing of the book and I can never thank them enough for making this dream a reality.  A big thank you to Anita, Robert, Sharron, Alex and Harriet who have been always there and made this book possible. 

The book is already out for pre-order on several sites such as Amazon, Barns & Noble, WHSmith and more. You can find a list on my blog or website.

Speaking of which finally My Miniature World has it's official website. A big thank you goes to my husband Gilbert that has done such an amazing job with it. New updates are always being added but it's looking great. Thank you my darling Gilbert, I wouldn't have done it without you. 

Also I have three important announcements to make. Three official Book launches will be held in Arnhem - The Netherlands, London - UK and Marsaskala - Malta. 

Dates of Launches:

  • 5th - 6th October 2024 at the DollsHouse Nederland Show, in Papendal, Arnhem in The Netherlands. DHN Show
  • 30th November 2024 at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival Christmas Show, Kensington Hall, London in the UK. London Dollshouse Showcase
  • 14th - 15th December 2024 at My Miniature World Museum, Marsaskala, Malta.  My Miniature World 
During the launches I will be there for the book signing and a miniature gift will be given with each book. 

For those who will be attending one of these events and would like to pre-order their book, just to make sure that a copy of the book is kept for them on the day of their visit, they can send me an email at

I am very excited about this and I will definitely keep you posted with any updates about the book. Also in the mean time I have started working on my new dollshouse project which I will be sharing the first images of my progress very soon. 

Make sure to keep tuned for the latest news and updates.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx 

Sunday 26 May 2024

The Allpress house model in the Imperial War Museum in London

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I wanted to share with you the last place of interest that my family and I went to visit when we were in London which was the Imperial War Museum. 

As much as I love Dolls' houses, I love history. The benefits of it all is when I get to combine history and Dolls' houses together. 

One of our last visits was to the Imperial War Museum. 

The museum itself is amazing but crazy enough and to my total surprise I found the Allpress model house in 1:12 scale.

The Allpress model house is an origin copy of the house that the Allpress family lived in during WW2.

Even though it is not a Dolls' house per se it is a great example of how a dolls house can be decorated in the 1940's.

On the outskirts of the house there is an Armstrong home Shelter that families had in their yards.during the war.

A perfect example how these shelters were built in miniature.

The rooms are all fully decorated in the period's style.

It was amazing and so inspiring to see this house in the Imperial War Museum. It made the visit more exciting and worth going.

This is all for today. I hope you will find this post interesting. Make sure to keep tuned for the next update and new project. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Friday 24 May 2024

Visiting Queen Mary's Dollshouse at Windsor Castle

Hello everyone,

Here I am again today. It's been a week since my visit to Windsor Castle in the UK.  It was one of my highlights during my short visit.

It was my second time that I visited Queen Mary's Dollshouse but this year was a bit special as I took the kids and this year Queen Mary's Dollshouse is celebrating it's 100th year anniversary.

Windsor Castle is beautiful on its own. Just entering it's grounds is worth the trip. Just like the first visit I was excited like a little girl and the kids could see how much this meant to me. 

No photos are allowed to be taken but we managed to take a pic outside the entrance. It was marvellous and we took our time to go around it. I explained the children all the important parts and it's history. I was so happy to see them interested and intrigued by it.

As Queen Mary's Dollshouse is celebrating it's 100th year anniversary for this year only a special display with a few miniatures of the dolls'house was displayed in one of the castle's room.

It was simply amazing to see a few of these miniature up close. You could see all the details and colours.

These are few of the miniatures that are displayed and are my favourites.

From the souvenir shop at the castle I got the two new books which I totally love. 

It was an amazing experience especially to share it with my family. Another one marked from my bucket list for this year. 

This is all for today. Make sure to keep tuned for.the next updates.

Take care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx

Thursday 23 May 2024

Malta Daily - M Files - My Miniature World Feature

 Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week. I just wanted to pop in quickly as yesterday on Malta Daily, My Miniature World was featured on their M Files. 

It was recorded back in January after my trip to Edinburgh. It was a great interview where I spoke about my dolls' houses and how I got to love the hobby. 

My Miniature World collection has really grown in the last few years and I truly love just being around them. 

Even though it is in Maltese you can take the jest of it all. 

The feature was a big hit on social media with over 42.1k plays in less than 24 hours. 

I am so proud of what I have achieved. People ask me how do I do it?  My family, my hobby, my passion, my discipline and my talent define who I am today. No Sacrifice, No Victory! is a constant reminder in my head.  Hard work pays off.  My advice to you is to never give up on your dreams. Keep pushing until you reach your goals. It's never too late to take the first step. Believe in yourself and in your capabilities. 

My Miniature World is opened to the public. You can send me a message to book an appointment. 

This is all for today. I will be sharing my vist to Windsor Castle and the Imperial War Museum in London very soon. Keep tuned. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday 21 May 2024

At Kensington DollsHouse Festival Summer Show

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? I hope you had a great weekend. Finally I can start breathing again and get back into my stride. It's been a rough few months I have to say but I am very proud to say that my upcoming book "Designing and Decorating a Period Dolls' House" is done and dusted. 

During last weekend I had the honour to visit the Kensington Dollshouse Festival Summer Show in London where I got to promote the book.

I was really excited for the show not only because it was my first time there and I was promoting the book but mostly because I had my entourage with me.  I was really happy to share my world with my family. 

The weather was very nice even though in London. It seemed that even the sun and warmth from Malta decided to follow me there.

The halls were packed to the brim both with artists and visitors.

My promotional leaflets were also available on their stand.

In the meantime, I met some old friends, new ones and great artists. I have to say my family was quite impressed.

I also got a few miniatures from the show. My favourite were the paire of figurines made by David Iriarte. His work is so impressive.

I got 2 Micro kits dollshouse with matching tables from Petite Properties.

From Janice Crawley I got myself these beautiful hand made ceramics.

And finally from Art of Mini, I got these  unpainted tire cake trays.

It was an amazing experience and even better as Kensington DollsHouse Festivals were celebrating their 40th year anniversary.

So this is all for today. Make sure to keep tuned as my trip to London didn't end here. A visit to Windsor Castle and to the Imperial War Museum will be shared very soon.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx