Sunday, 14 December 2014

Completing the Dressing Room of the Boutique.

Hello my dear friends, 

 It has been quite some time since my last post. I am always busy during Christmas time and everyday life does come between. I haven't been far away doe. I still come in everyday to set up the daily Advent calendar. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. I also wanted to welcome two new followers to my blog; Welcome Jan and Little Time Wasters. 

I guess the Boutique has come to it's final stages and so Miss Leah has prepared the date for her grand opening as well. You are all invited to this special occasion and here it is.

I finally finished off the Dressing room and made some more miniatures which will go around the building. I guess I just keep on adding to get more detail.

I have managed to make some sample boards of fabric and buttons. These will go in the Sewing room. The buttons where made by me with polymer clay.

Sample boards


I also made some more boxes and Victorian hand mirrors for the boutique. I have also made them with polymerclay.

Hand Mirrors

Then I started really working on the dressing room. Some times you look at the room and you can still see it empty. I have made a small dress to hang in the cubical and a corset to add to the room.


I have also added more jewelry to the cabinet as it could afford to have a little more trinkets. 

The Jewelry Cabinet
I had two lovely undressed dolls that my dear friend Beverly made and gave me as a present. Beverly is the same lovely lady that made and dressed up my Miss Leah. These beautiful dolls where just meant to be special clients at Miss Leah's. It was time for them to come out and dress up. 

My first doll (the red head) that I dressed up had a lovely sitting position with lovely bare feet. It was a pity to cover her up so. I decided to dress her up in a Victorian Style under ware to be displayed in the dressing room. She is one of my favorite. And here is Madam De La Vega. I have placed her on the sofa's dressing room in a very relaxed position, waiting to see her gowns.

Madam De La Vega

 Then the lovely blond doll was dressed up in a Victorian Dress which I have sewn. I am really pleased how she turned out. She will be displayed in the shop. I have also made a matching half bonnet for her head as it was very fashionable in the era and I didn't want to cover her lovely curls. This one is called Lady Mercedes Di Cavour. 

Lady Mercedes Di Cavour

To finish of the dressing room I finally added some posters that I printed. It gives that something extra to the walls. 

The Wall Posters

And here are the final pictures of the whole dressing room.

And here is Miss Leah's Diary entry for today. She will be sharing with us her excitement for the grand opening and her two new clients.

9th December 1879
Dear Diary,

Finally the day is drawing near to the grand opening of the boutique. We have started to have some snow too as the weather is getting colder. Everything seems to be done and set and even the preparations for the occasion have been settled.  Papa will be giving out a reception at  The Manor House after the opening. I have given out the invitations and the date has been set for the 19th December just in time before Christmas. I am also pleased that Matty will be here by then. Both Matty and Quelina have really helped me and I just can't imagine what I would have done without them.

A few days ago I had my first two clients. They stopped me while I was entering the shop in the morning. I explained to them that the boutique was still not open but they insisted to visit. My first client was Madam De La Vega. A high breed lady and I am sure that I will be seeing her often in private to choose the best. She is married to a wealthy Spanish aristocrat and travels a lot to London to buy the finest gowns. I think I have made quite an impression on her as she seems to be quite at home and promised to come back.

I have also encountered the lovely Lady Mercedes Di Cavour. Lady Mercy is a newly bride. I have seen her a couple of times as her husband Lord Xavier is a good friend of Matty and of Mercy's brother Richard. Both her father and brother serve in the Royal Army. Her Father is a General and Richard has become a Lieutenant just a couple of months ago. Matty has introduced me to Richard on Mercy's Wedding Day. He is quite handsome and ladies drop dead at his feet but he is not my type. Lord Xavier is quite dashing. It seems that they Xavier's family are British but they have an Italian blood line and his father happens to be the Great Count Di Cavour. Well I guess they must be wealthy indeed.

I am also excited as this will be the first Christmas in Regent street. It is starting to feel like home here and I wouldn't change it for the world. Well I am off to make some tea before Quelina comes from the shop. She is quite busy at this time of year. 

See you real soon my companion. There will be so much to tell you the next time we meet.


Leah xxx    

Well folks that was Leah's entry for the day and next time we meet we  will be having the Grand Opening and the Grand Finale of the boutique, so stayed tuned as you are all invited to come. 


Rebecca xxx


  1. Leah is off to a good start with two such fashionable lady customers, I'm sure they will tell their friends of the new boutique!

    The ladies are beautiful and their clothing is perfect, specially "Madam's" underwear!

    Just when I feel sure you've finished you add more lovely details. The hand mirrors are just what fashioable ladies need.

    1. Thank you so much Susan for your lovely comment. I am flattered. xxx