Sunday, 17 May 2015

Summer Project - The Fairy Garden

Hello my dear friends,

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. I am feeling slightly better or at least I am getting used to the idea of my new me and my weaknesses. Still this won't put me down. As long as I can still manage some miniature work. At the moment I am waiting for some supplies to continue  with Miss Leah's new home. Today I will be sharing with you a short post and something completely different from the usual. 

We had a nice Springy Saturday and I thought that it was about time to do some gardening on my roof garden. I have managed to clean the weeds, dead leaves, changing pots and whatever gardening brings with it. I have totally enjoyed it until one of my terracotta pots slipped from my fingers. Well at least it didn't come into pieces but it was definitely not to be re used. 

Broken terracotta pot
A good idea came to my mind as I have seen them before. I thought of using this broken pot for a fairy garden. The pot itself wasn't big so I couldn't elaborate and for the first try it was just right.

Building the first wall
Firstly I started building the inner walls using the big broken pieces of the pot and started to fill in the pot with soil and compost.

Building the steps

Then I started building the steps with soil and with the smaller broken pieces. The soil does keep all the pieces in place.

Adding cuttings to the pot

I have added some plant cuttings. I didn't want to over do it with the little plants as they do actually over take the plants. So for now they will do for now.

The fairy houses 
I have made two miniature toad stools fairy houses out of polymer clay. They just fitted in perfectly.
I also added some glass stones  and tiny pebbles on the soil and it was done. This is how it all looks.

The finished Fairy Garden

I might be adding some more to it but I have to wait and see what will happen once the little cuttings start growing. I am really happy how it turned out. 

I hope you like it. Next time I will be sharing more of Leah's progress so please do keep tuned.

Take Care and See You soon.


Rebecca xxx

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