Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Tutorial - Miniature Gingerbread Man in Teacup

Hello everyone,

Are you all excited? Christmas Eve is here! I have to admit as much as I love Christmas Day, I love Christmas Eve the most. It brings all the excitement and magic for Christmas. I remember as a child I loved it. Preparing for Santa and hoping that I will sleep before he arrives. I have passed the same tradition to my children and I just love to see them so excited.

Today is the last day of our Advent Calendar 2016.  I hope you have enjoyed it and found the tutorials useful as much as I have found them myself. They will remain up till New Year's Day.

As it is Christmas Eve today I wanted to share with you a Christmas Tutorial that I made. This is a miniature Gingerbread Man in a teacup which can be used as a Christmas decoration or just to put in your Christmas themed project. I actually have mine hanging on the Christmas tree.

Christmas miniature - Gingerbread Man in Teacup

What you will be needing to make this miniature is:

Ochre, White and Red color Polymer Clay.
Liquid polymer clay
A miniature ceramic cup and saucer.

The first step is to take the Ochre color polymer clay flatten the clay and make a tiny gingerbread man that can easily fit in your tea cup. You can use tiny cutters if you like.

Once you are happy with your gingerbread man, texture it with a soft toothbrush and add some brown pastel color to make it looked baked.

Add your ginger bread man in the tea cup. Pose it like he is enjoying a warm bath in the teacup. Here you can also add some features to his face and arms.

Mix some liquid polymer clay with chocolate brown pastel on a piece of foil. Once it is mixed properly, gently more the mixture in the cup and let it set.

Using white clay make two tiny white balls approximately 3 mm diameter to make marshmallows.

Make two very thin logs of white and red clay. You can make them as long as you want. I  have made the red one thinner than the white. Twist them together and make a thin log.

Once the log is done. Cut the log in approx 15mm parts and shape them in candy canes. 

At this point bake the candy cakes. the gingerbread man in teacup with the liquid clay and the marshmallows for about half and an hour on a very low heat or as the polymer clay's instructions on the packet.

5 minutes before removing your clay out of the oven add the tiny marshmallows to the tea cup. This is an important step that you shouldn't skip. If you add the marshmallows to the cup before the liquid clay is slightly baked there is a big chance that they will end up drowning to the bottom of the cup.

Once the clay has cooled down you can decorate your ceramics. This is just an option. You can also use acrylics to decorate your ceramics.

Add some glazing or clear nail polish varnish to the top of the teacup.

Stick the tea cup to the saucer and add the candy canes to the side of the saucer.

And your tiny miniature is complete.

Here is the tea cup with the ginger bread man in a Christmas scene. To turn it into a Christmas decoration all you have to do is pass some golden string in the teacups handle and hang it on your tree.

I hope you will find this tutorial useful.

Wishing you all my dear friends, family, clients and fans a very Merry Christmas. Thank you all for your love and support.

So this is all for today. Hopefully we will be updating you with some progress on our new project . Keep tuned for more,

Take care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Thank you Rebecca for another great tutorial.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and a very Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you so much Drora. I am pleased you liked it. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas xxx hugs

  2. Muchas gracias por éste nuevo tutorial Rebecca! Espero que la magia de la noche de navidad haya inundado tu hogar!!

    1. Muchas gracias. Espero que hayas disfrutado de tu Navidad. Abrazos xxx

  3. Feliz Navidad, Rebeca!!! Me encanta tu galletita! ♥

    1. Muchas gracias. Me complace que haya disfrutado del tutorial. Espero que hayas tenido una maravillosa Navidad. Abrazos xxxx

  4. Merry Christmas! My children also have my same love of Christmas! Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials - I can't wait to see what you do next year!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so pleased that you enjoyed the calendar. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xxx

  5. Gracias por el tutorial y te deseo felices fiestas y un próspero año nuevo, besos:-)

    1. Muchas gracias y me complace que te guste el tutorial. Espero que hayas tenido una maravillosa Navidad. Abrazos xxx

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    1. Thank you so much John. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xxx

  7. Merry Christmas! This was absolutely adorable to see. Thanks for sharing how to make these!

    1. Thank you so much Kristian. I am pleased you enjoyed it. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xxxx