Sunday, 13 March 2016

The little Nursery for the Tudor Manor

Hello everyone,

I hope that you are all enjoying the weekend. Like always I am busy as ever and I just can't find enough time to indulge myself in my hobby. I truly wish that the day is longer but so far I think I manage to squeeze in some time for my miniatures. Finally we are getting rain. It has been a dry winter so far and in the past few days we have had some showers. Even if I am not a big fan of Winter, I am happy that Mother Nature has decided to bless us with some rain at least for the crops.

I took the opportunity to start working on the small nursery in my 1930's project the Tudor Manor.

The Nursery

The room is quite small and is set between the stair case and the bathroom. This means that the room has two doors; one leading to the stairs and the other one leading to the bathroom. This room is also carpeted and has a very cute wall paper. To be very honest I never seen anything like it. Once again just like the bathroom it is quite narrow and deep so I had to be very careful what kind of furniture I needed to add. Another disadvantage to this room is that both the doors are at the far end of the walls at the back facing each other which means the you can't add big furniture to the back of the wall as then the doors will be obstructed.  

I just went for a few pieces of furniture to the room so it won't look crowded and still I had to be careful what to choose. I got some bare wood furniture which are the wash table, a chest of drawers and the baby's cot. I have painted these three in a salmon pink color which were quite fashionable in the period and matched with the wall paper perfectly.

Hand painted furniture in salmon pink color

I have also gotten another Jane Harrop kit which is a 1930's style armchair for this room. I am pleased how it turned out.

1930's style arm chair
So the big question is; Did Mr. and Mrs. Nobel had a new addition to the their family? The answer is yes. I would like to to introduce you the baby Betty.  Betty is a sculptured doll made from the talented artist Ros. 

Mrs Nobel with baby Betty

Baby Betty is made out of ooak and is fully possible. She also came with her little teddy. I had Betty now for a couple of years and I thought it was about time I introduce her to her new parents and give her a loving home.

Betty in her cot
I have also got her some hand made crochet clothes for her which fit her perfectly. I have placed them in her chest of drawers and also put one of her sets out on the arm chair ready for her to put on.

Betty's clothes

I have found some Vintage nursery rhyme  posters and thought that they would look great in the nursery. These are quite sentimental as as a child I had the same posters in my own bed room. 

 My father was also busy hand painting a few toy miniatures for the room. A baby doll and a golliwog rag doll which in the  period was quite fashionable.  For some reason the golliwog doll is subject to controversy. I respect everyone's opinion in this matter. While some would cherish this rag doll as a traditional artifact and childhood tradition, others see it as racism against dark skinned people. I was shocked when I got to know about this conflict as it would have never crossed my mind as a child or as a grown up. I think it is very unfair to children as they are all innocent being white or dark and they play and love with whatever they are given. I had one myself and I loved it with all my heart. So to make it crystal clear, this sweet little golliwog rag doll is in this dolls house as a tradition toy in the period which also brings me sweet memories of my own childhood.

hand painted toy miniatures
So here is the finished nursery. I might add some more accessories but I think it is pretty much done. I am sure that tiny Betty will love her room.

 I hope you have enjoyed the progress of this room. I am really happy with it as everything fitted in so well.

Keep tuned for the next update on my 1930's dolls house project.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. This is so wonderful! :<) I am so happy to have found your site!


    Barbara Diane

  2. Such a pretty room. Every thing fitted in so well. I love this house. Keep it up.

  3. Florence Nicosia14 March 2016 at 08:29

    Wow, you did an awesome job decorating the room. I love baby Betty. Where did you buy her? Ignore negative comments. People always find reasons to complain. Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. :)

    1. Thank you so much Florence for your kind words. I really appreciate it. The baby doll was made from Ros who is an amazing artist.