Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I'm back to continue where I have left off! Sea View

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been around at all! SHAME ON ME!!!! I am so sorry for letting you down. I haven't been myself at all in these past months. Well being pregnant for the third time takes quite a toll and my first three months are my worst months of the whole pregnancy.  I'm in my 15th week (almost 4 months) and I'm feeling much better. I guess the good whether of our sunny Malta gives me a boost.

Unfortunately it's not just the blog that I have abandoned but most of my dolls houses and miniatures. Hopefully I hope to do some mini's before the  baby comes.

Well I'm here to continue where I have left off which is my 5th dolls house Sea View. Today I will be sharing with you my living / dining  area and the kitchen.

The living and dining area
This section of the house was quite a headache to do as I wanted to have a good sized modern kitchen. As the room for the kitchen was a bit small for my likes I added a split level in the kitchen area so the flooring for the kitchen will be a bit bigger and also to distinguish the floor itself. Also I had another problem. It was difficult to find a ready made kitchen to fit this room.

The Kitchen
I was on the verge of tears until I discovered ELF. Elf is a company which is into modern miniatures and kits made to measure to fit whatever room you want. For this particular dolls house ELF was my salvation.  Elizabeth from Elf  is the best. She was very helpful and patient with me. After 100 of emails sent to each other, together we have created my perfect kitchen for this room. I'm very proud to say that I am the first Maltese to ever purchase from ELF and I don't have regrets. In fact I have also got myself the bathroom, accessories and furniture for this house from Elf which I will be sharing with you very soon.

 The instructions for the kitchen kit where simple to follow and everything fitted in perfect. I would like to say a big Thank You to Elizabeth for always being there to help out in any difficulty. The kitchens look very realistic that sometimes you wonder if you are looking at a miniature photo or a real sized photo. 

Between the living/dining room and kitchen I have built a glass block wall which is very fashionable in a modern set up. I have used square cut, clear beads to built this wall. It fitted in perfectly. The paintings on the wall are print out and I have shaped them to make modern art, All wall shelves have been built by myself. And I have tried my hand at polymer clay and have created shrimp cocktails in the salad bowls on the dining table. I'm still green at it but practice makes perfect. Here are more photos for you to see.

I hope you all liked these room.

I promise to keep you updated very soon with more of my Sea View dolls house. So please do keep tuned.

Take Care

Rebecca xxxx

My polymer clay shrimp salad (my first try)

The living/dining

The glass wall between the living and the kitchen

The kitchen kit by Elf /