Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Working on the Pantry & Staff Room for the Florist Shop.

Hello my dear friends,

Hope everyone is alright and that you have enjoyed your weekend. I have finally settled back at work but still miss being at home. Obviously I have less time on my hands to play with my miniatures but I try to fit in some time for myself. The weather is pretty much the same but Spring is definitely in the air. Today I want to welcome a new follower to my blog. Welcome Dany!

Today I will be sharing with you some more work that I have been making in my Florist Shop. I have finally started with the upper room which will be transformed into a Pantry for the staff. It will also be used to receive clients who need a special order for a special occasion. 

The rooms are quite big and can afford some adaption to them. So the first thing that I wanted to add was two extra walls to make a cubical. Nothing really special but I knew that with some extra feature the room itself will look very different. So first I wanted to have an idea what I was going to add. In a place where you work usually the cubicles can be small with just a toilet and a small sink. I had this modern toilet which I had never used and I knew that it would fit in perfectly. Then I wanted to add a small sink. The only problem was that I didn't find what I wanted for this particular room. So I made the sink and taps myself out of polymer clay. The pipe works is made out of a drinking straw which I painted in a metal color. I am really pleased how it turned out.   

The Sink that I made out of polymerclay 

Inside the cubical
After wall papering the left hand side corner of the room and added a tiled floor paper I have added a front door and an L-shape wall to close the cubical. There are still some accessories that I wish to add to the little cubical. When the wall was fitted I wall papered the rest of the room and added a false door at the back which supposedly leads to the shop downstairs. 

The finished room

The false door leading to the shop downstairs

The little cubical 
I was very happy how it all turned out. Then I started playing around with some pieces of furniture to see how it all fitted in.  Problems always seem to crop up in projects like these. When it happens you have to prepare yourself to actually go around it and solve it. I wanted to fit in a sofa just next to false door, only that I couldn't find one to fit in the space. They where too big, or too classical or too modern. In short words I didn't like what I found, so I ended up once again making my own miniature sofa. I chose a nice pink patterned material that I had for years and it blended in so well.  My dear Scottish friend Maretta had sent me some lovely fairy cushions last Christmas and they fitted in just perfectly with the sofa. To match the sofa I have also made some roman blinds for the window. 

My hand made sofa with the lovely fairy cushions 

Matching roman blinds

The blinds from outside
I was really pleased how they turned out. So far I have added some pieces of furniture but there is still so much that I need to add.

The Pantry / Staff room

And this is how the room looks like so far. Most probably I will still add another piece of furniture and more accessories for sure.

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So this is all for today. Next time we'll meet I will share with you some more progress on my Florist Shop so do keep tuned.

Take Care and See you soon.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Making Miniatures for the Bloom & Blossom Florist

Hello my dear friends,

Hope you are all safe and warm wherever you are. We had some nice days but tonight we are back with rain and the temperature went down once again. I wanted to welcome two new followers to my blog, Hairy Caveman ;-) and Ilona. Welcome! 

So I have been making some miniatures for the shop. I have added more pots and flowers but I do enjoy making my own miniatures. What I enjoyed about this project is actually making the print work. So the first thing that I wanted to do was a seeds display. I printed some seed packets and made the display box to match with the shop's design.

The Seed display

Like most florist, they actually have a card stand where clients can choose a card from to add to their bouquet of flowers. This has also been printed. Then I made the little shelves out of plastic and the little cards where also printed. I just downsized the cards and printed them.

Card Stand
At the moment there is this famous 'KEEP CALM' Poster advertised worldwide. So I decided to design one just for the shop. Mine has the same shop design and color and with the wording "Keep Calm and Buy Flowers" I was really pleased with it. 

Keep Calm Poster
I also did some polymer clay miniatures. I have managed to do the cash register tilt, a wall mounted phone, Some floor pots for flowers and I also did a desk organizer. The desk organizer was actually made with drinking straws. 

Phone and cash register tilt

Floor flower pots

Desk organizer.
Finally I finished making a rack with some shelving where ribbons are sorted and wrapping paper. Little notes are stuck there too. The rack was made out of ice lolly sticks.

rack with shelving

So far this is how it looks. I still have to add more details to it. But I am really pleased with the outcome so far. I can't believe that this was actually a kid's kit.

The Shop so Far

Hope you liked what I have done so far. There is quite a long way to go. So please do keep tuned for more updates.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx