Monday, 28 June 2021

Hertwig Miniature dolls!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well. It has been a while since my last blog post and it's for good reason. I  have been extremely busy and have been travelling abroad, related to my job.

Before I left, a few parcels arrived all the way from Germany and I was so glad that I managed to take some photos for this blog post. 

I had two parcels that contained my Hertwig miniature dolls. 

Hertwig & Company, founded by Christoph Hertwing, Johan and Benjamin Beyermann produced porcelain and earthenware objects in their factory in Katzhutee, Thuringen, Germany form 1864 to 1941. The are mostly famous for their Bisque dolls.

I have quite a few of their miniature dolls and figures that are dated from the early 1920s I have displayed them in my Matquel's Antiques & China Shop and I have to say they fitted nicely. 

Now I have six Harlequin dolls. Kasper which was my very first Hertwig doll must be very happy with his new friends. 

I also got these pair of very tiny Hertwig bisque grandparents figures that I totally love. They are approximately one inch high.

Hope you like my new miniature doll collection. Can't wait to share more with you. Make sure to keep tuned for the next updates and new. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 7 June 2021

Completing Felicia's Bedroom at Le Château

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you had a great weekend. Finally I got to work on my project Le Château and I completed Felicia's Bedroom.

I added a few more pieces to the room. One of the furniture pieces that I  did was the wardrobe to match with the room. 

Another piece was the small side table with drawer and I decorated it with a washing basin and jug.

I kept the dolls house in the corner as it suits the room quite well. Here you can see a closeup of it both from the outside and inside. 

Felicia now has her own pup called Lune.


Felicia has an old toy horse that she used to play with when she was a bit younger. She could never part from it. The tiny horse was made by the Dutch Artist Mr. Han Goergen. Mr. Goergen had given me the tiny horse as a gift when I visited The Netherlands in March 2020 during the DHNS in Arnhem. 

Felicia also has a tiny doll called Esmée that was made by the Spanish artist Victoria Heredia Guerbo. The tiny doll has her own tiny day bed which was given to me as a gift from a very dear friend.

And here is Felicia. I think Felicia is quite happy with her bedroom. 

Here are some more photos of the complete room. 

I have to say this must be my favorite room so far in  this project. I hope you like it just as much. 

Make sure to keep tuned for the next update on Le Château.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx