Tuesday, 30 December 2014

It has been a great year in My Miniature World. Welcome 2015!

Hello my dear friends,

Just a quick pop in before we say good bye to the Year 2014 and welcome the New Year. Firstly I wanted to welcome 2 new followers to my blog Janice and Mirel K Welcome. Thank you all for following and participating in my blog. It is very encouraging.

Today I won't be sharing anything but I really wanted to show my appreciation to everyone to the success of My Miniature World. The blog has reached 120 followers. We had over 47,400 views.  If it wasn't for you followers and friends it wouldn't be a success at all. So from the depth of my heart and I truly mean it I want to say

So we will be having a brief go through of what a great year we had at My Miniature World. As my hobby keeps on growing stronger I enjoy going back and  see what I did in the past year. 

Well firstly I finished the renovation of My Toll House. I still can't believe that it came out so well. I never tire looking at it and sometimes it gives me such pride looking at it thinking that I was the one to make it.  For those who wish to see the Toll House you can find  a video I made of on You Tube how it was before and now. Just go on this link The Toll House Video

We also had The Bloom & Blossom Florist Shop. This was also a very nice project which I enjoyed making. This was made out of a kid's dolls House but there are no hints of it anywhere. It is part of my collection and I love it. The Bloom & Blossom Florist also was featured in The Dolls House & Miniature Scenes UK Magazine. It is another pride jewel. 

Like you all know I started and finished The Coffee Corner Shop. Another small project but took me a while to finish as most of the miniatures where done by me. Today it is part of Regent Street which goes with Matquel's Antique & China Shop and Leah's Boutique. There is so much to see in this small corner shop. Manuel has been doing so well in his shop.

Then finally we come to my latest project which was Miss Leah's Boutique. I had so much fun building the house and making accessories. I enjoyed creating the Diary Stories and some how it gives so much detail. Miss Leah will return with her new home in the New Year. She has been very busy lately too. She made head lines on the News Paper and also made it on the Front Cover of VOGUE.

I have also been doing really well with My Miniature World Shop at etsy. I can't believe that it was going to flourish. 

I really try my best to give first class services to my clients and I will keep on adding new miniatures as much as possible. For the coming year after lots of request I will be selling all my downloadable books in kit form as well especially for those clients who don't have a printer. I am also working on two new books which hopefully will be released by February. Miss Leah also decided to go online after I had some request to make some boutique accessories for sale.

A Special Thank You goes to my darling father who helps me a lot in My Miniature World Shop. I don't know what I'll do without his constant support. I remind you folks that he is the great artist behind the hand painted white metal miniatures. Thank you paps! Always loved you and always will.

I also wanted to thank the Face Book Fans. My Miniature World on Face Book has reached over 350 likes. As you might all know just as couple of months ago I have also created My Miniature World Group. It is a closed group that also serves as a forum where like minded people can share their dolls house hobby. Any one can join in. Now we have reached over 120 members. I want to thank them all for being a part of the group and for participating. It gives me great pleasure sharing with you folks and I really enjoy it when you share your own projects and miniature makings with me. 

This year as a treat for all my followers and friends I wanted to make a Christmas Advent Calendar where behind each door there was a miniature project or tutorial. I tried to make it different and that everyone can find it useful. I wasn't sure if it would have succeeded but I am so happy with the results. We have over 1,100 view in the past month which I think it was just great. I am really happy that I have received such a good feedback and I promise you that next year we will be having it again with different projects. I also wanted to let you know that the Advent Calander 2014 will be online until New Year's Day so you still have the chance to save the miniature projects and tutorials. Thank you all for your support and if you need any help with them please let me know.

Well I can share with you what you are to await from me for the New Year. Well my darling husband Gilbert surprised me with another small Dolls House for Christmas.

Gilbert's Christmas Present
 He got me The Barn kit from the Dolls House Emporium range and this will be the new home which will go next to Miss Leah's Boutique. At first I had chosen another kit which I had but this will be just perfect. Obviously we are not going to make it into a Barn but I will transform it into a small house which will be called No 35. Leah's. 

The Village Hall
Also I will be working on a new project. It is a built Village Hall by the Dolls House Emporium. I have picked it up from a lovely Maltese Lady which wanted to sell it. The poor Village Hall needs major renovation. It definitely needed rescuing and I am really, really hoping to make a miracle. It is not easy to renovate something which you haven't built and more or less it is not in a very good state at all so I have a lot of work to do on it from scratch. Thinking about the poor building gives me goose bumps but I am sure I will manage.  One step at a time and let's hope for the best. I have been looking at it for a while and I am hoping to turn it into a small church. Here in Malta we have a church or a chapel in every corner so I think some good inspiration will come across. This is to be called the Divine Mercy's Chapel. I am really looking forward to start working on it as I can't stand seeing it in the state that it is.

5 Free Give Away  kits
 I also wanted to give five giveaway for the frist five followers who will comment on today's entry post. They will be getting a free Christmas Song Book Kit. Yeps my lovely people just comment on this entry post, make sure you are one of my followers on the blog and just email me your address so I can post the kit. This is to show my appreciation to you all of you. In this coming year there will definitely be more of these free gifts so please don't lose courage. 

So this is all my dear friends. As you can all see we had quite a good year and we will be having more fun in the year to come. Keep tuned for more updates. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015. 

See you real soon and Take Care


Rebecca xxxx

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Baking Display in an Unusual Container

Regent Street

Hello my dear friends,

A few more nights to come and once again Christmas Day will be here.  It has been fun making the advent Calendar and only a few more doors to open. I wanted to let you know that all the tutorials will still be available for you to see and save till New Year's Day 2015.  I am so looking forward to Christmas like every year and like every year I end up creating something in miniature for Christmas. 

This year I created a miniature Christmas scene in an unusual container. I had this 'Panettone' Cake Box from last year's. A 'Panettone' is a sweet bread loaf originally made in Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and the New Year in Italy and now a days it has practically moved around in Europe.  For some unknown reason I kept this box.

My Panettone Box from last year's Christmas.
 I decided to use it and make a Christmas Baking Scene. It had the right size and well I went all out for it. I have opened a window in front with a scaple knife. Closed the opening from the bottom and as the box is slightly slanting at the top part I added an extra straight wall made from a tick card board at the back. 

The opened window in front with the cardboard extra wall at the back
I have added some Christmasy trimming around the opened window. Printed some tiles to make the flooring paper and used a piece of kitchen tile wall paper that I had stashed from a previous project.

I went to my big chest where I keep most of my stashed unused miniature furniture and accessories. I found some adequate pieces and started decorating it.

I also had some old polymer clay miniatures that I made myself when I first started as a beginner and they fitted in perfectly which are all the white and blue china, the pots and pans and the stone ware. I  made some Christmas Ceramic Plates to add to it. 

To cut the story short with a few pieces I have turned the box into a lovely Christmas baking scene.

The Christmas Baking Scene

 I hope you have enjoyed this little Christmas project that I shared with you. All it takes a little bit of imagination and you can create miniature scenes out of nothing.

So this is all for this year's projects. I wanted to thank you all for your time and encouragement in these years since my blog has started. This year I have managed to finish 4 dolls house projects which where quite an achievement to me. 

For the new year I will be starting with 2 projects which will be Miss Leah's new home and The Village Hall. So keep tuned for the New Year.

Wishing You all and your loved ones a 
Very Merry Christmas and a 
Happy New Year 2015

Take Care and See you all soon after the celebrations.


Rebecca xxx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Grand Opening of Miss Leah's Boutique

Hello my dear friends,

Hope you are all feeling fine and are enjoying your weekend. Yesterday we had quite a due and I am still exhausted from the party. Miss Leah went all out and left us speechless. I must say I am very impressed.
Some shots of the Grand Opening of Miss. Leah's Boutique
So here we conclude the lovely building of Miss Leah's Boutique. I have connected the wiring lights to the little plugs and sockets and it all lit up in it's full glory. I am really happy how it all turned out and it does make such a difference. It looks so real and has such a warm feeling.

The sewing room also has a lit fire place and the cubical of the dressing room has it's own separate light to make it look bigger. The shop itself looks splendid. I really enjoy watching it from the shop window. 

Here are the photos of Miss Leah's Boutique all lit up.

Miss Leah's Boutique lit up

The Shop Window

The whole built inside Miss Leah's Boutique

The sewing room
The lit fire place
The Dressing room
The lit cubical in Dressing Room

The Shop area

So here we come to an end to the lovely boutique. I hope you have enjoyed the progress of this project but I think it is time for the Grand Opening and for the new surprise.

Here is Miss Leah's entry of today.

20th December 1879

Dear Diary,

What a day it has been yesterday. A day that I will never forget. Quelina and I where quiet ready by twelve and father and Matty where staying at a near by Inn. We could see that our guests where starting to gather outside the boutique. Matty had already set the beautiful burgundy ribbon outside the door of the shop for me to cut through. I was shaking like a leaf and I was quite numb until Quelina squeezed my hand to move in the crowd. All the lovely ladies where smiling down at me and I came face to face with reality. It was my moment. I cleared my voiced and welcomed everyone. I told them about a dream that I once had that turned into reality. I thanked my family for their support and to  the lovely persons who came for the opening. Quelina handed me the sharp scissors and there with one snap the ribbon was cut. A roar of applause came from behind me. Tears sprang out of my eyes as I opened the doors. The ladies came in and congratulated me for such a beautiful boutique. They where impressed with the gowns and with all the feminine attire. 

When the shop started to clear up we closed the doors and followed everyone to The Manor House where everyone was waiting for the reception. Father was there to greet everyone and he was so proud of me. I could see it in his eyes. Matty flirted with the ladies but happy to be with us. The food was just delicious and I just forgot how good it was to be back at home. We moved to the parlor where tea was served and we played all sorts of games. Charades was quite popular. Until finally Matty sat at the piano. He played the piano to perfection. He called Quelina and I to sing. We enjoyed it so much and our guests where really happy. Every occasion comes to an end even when you are having fun. 

The last of our guests left and I was feeling the exhaustion of the past few days, until my father called me in to his office. Both Quelina and Matty followed. Father had a twinkle in his eyes and I just couldn't guess what the matter of this gathering. He handed me papers and told me that it was his gift from him and my siblings for Christmas, I tried to read it twice but couldn't make sense of it. Finally Quelina burst out laughing until she explained that they found me a little apartment just next to the boutique and purchased it. She was in her seventh heaven as it was just close to Matquel's and her own apartment. We had seen so many properties in this past few months and there it was just the right house under our own noses.

So today father and Quelina took me to see it. I never ever bothered to look at it before but it was definitely worth it. It still needs a lot of work which means that I won't be moving in immediately. We went to the courts and signed off the papers and now I am the new owner of number 35 in Regent Street. Oh I am so excited. I won't be doing anything until the new year. 

Off to bed and let's hope I have a good night sleep. Nighty night my dear companion. I guess this is another adventure for us.

Leah xxx   

Here are some still pictures of the Grand Opening of Miss Leah's Boutique.

Miss Leah cutting the Ribbon during The Grand Opening

The Lovely guest waiting eagerly to see the lovely shop

At The Manor House during Dinner with the guests

In the Parlor entertaining their friends

Matty playing the piano while Leah and Quelina sing
So as you must have read the stories of Miss Leah won't end up here. And there will be an additional little property next to Miss Leah's Boutique which will be her little apartment. Here is the certificate of purchase. 

Certification of Purchase of the house of Miss Leah.
I hope you have enjoyed the progress of this project and the stories behind it. Even doe I will be missing the boutique very much I am really excited and happy that I will still be working with the same characters. I will start this project after the New Year but I still have lots to share in these coming days so please do keep tuned. Enjoy your weekend.

Take Care.


Rebecca xxx