Monday, 17 March 2014

Decorating the Bloom & Blossom Florist Shop

Hello my dear friends,

How are you? It has been awhile. Some how I have managed to skip two weeks without posting. It is so not me. I am just tired out. The minute I try to do something such as miniatures or dolls housing I just collapse. It has been 2 months since I stared work and now I can feel the toll. I wake up early so I end up sleeping early. Maybe I should blame it on the weather. Hopefully Spring and Summer will make me feel much better, I also wanted to welcome a new follower to my blog WELCOME Sharon Larkin. 

Wow 90 followers. Time to start preparing a free give away when 100 followers are reached. HINT HINT!!! 

Today I will be sharing with you some new additions to the florist shop. I am really enjoying this little project. I have worked some more on the florist. Adding more flowers. It seems like you can't get enough. Some of them are my making and some of them I got them ready. 

I have started working on the working bench. I really enjoyed doing this. I have opened a tea bag and used the grounded tea leaves instead of soil. It just fits in so perfectly and smells right.  I had a bunch of lose flowers and turned them in a bouquet. I have made the green long leaves out of felt and wrapped them up in wrapping plastic. It just turned out so well. 

I kept on adding flowers and more flowers until the room was actually bursting with them. Most probably I will still end up adding more and more. As I am not 100% convinced yet.

Now that the shop is actually ready well it is time for it's big opening and The Bloom & Blossom Florist has opened it's doors for business. George a hard working florist is really happy how the shop turned out. He has moved to the city to be more central and reach more people. Jack his son works with him and is really proud of his father. It wasn't an easy move but I am pretty sure that they will succeed.  The first client is actually a little girl called Amber. She wanted to get some flowers for her mum. George being a gentleman gave her some flowers for free for being their first client.

The Bloom & Blossom Florist open for business

George The Florist

Jack George's Son

Little Amber their first client

This is how it looks like so far. I still need to add more and some lights. Hope you all like it.

Please do keep tuned as I will be working some more on this project.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx