Thursday 28 January 2016

Adding more to the bed room in Kate's Cottage

Hello everyone,

How are you? I hope you, my dear friends are all doing well. Unfortunately, I am a bit under the weather. I guess at this time of year it is inevitable. The youngest got the flu from school and so she decided to share it with the rest of her siblings and parents. So yes I have what we call the flu. All my bones are aching, a splitting headache, sore throat and the most annoying is having a blocked nose and a chesty cough. So practically yes I have it all. It is not easy being sick and looking after kids who are sick. Thank God for hubby even if he is pretty much in the same boat, he has helped me a lot. Hopefully in a few days we will be back to normal. Since then I haven't done much but I have some new pieces for the bedroom which finishes the room.

I also wanted to welcome three new followers to my blog welcome Thomas Flanell, Denise Cole and Florance Castelli. Welcome!

So today I am happy to show you the new pieces of furniture that I got for the bedroom in Kate's Cottage.

The Bed Room in Kate's Cottage.
 So my new pieces for this room is the lovely table, spinning wheel and mirror.

 Ahswood Designs have  made these pieces to perfection. I am just impressed with the little table as it actually opens up into a chair.

These where very popular in the era as they save space for small houses.


Table opens to a chair

On top of the table I have added a medieval candle stick, a basket with clothes and a small book.

I also got a small medieval mirror which fitted on the chest of drawers perfectly. I am really pleased that Ashwood has made these in a small version.

And finally I also got a spinning wheel which matches the era. There are so many kinds of spinning wheels but this does fit in the period.

Spinning wheel and stool
I added some more decoration to it. Ashwood was kind enough to send me some more wool and so I made a small sack with it and added some spanned yarn. I have used toothpicks to make the spindles .

Spinning wheel with accessories

I have added some small pieces to the fire place but I am still not happy with the mantle piece.

Fire place
So I guess this is all for now. I still need to make curtains and add a few more accessories. And this is how it looks like at the moment.

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So this all for today. I am pretty much sure that the next time we'll meet it will be the last post and the closing for Kate's Cottage. I only have the last additions to do to the building and the rooms. I am feeling sorry that it came to an end. So make sure to keep tuned for the finale.

Take Care and  Hope to see you real soon.


Rebecca xxx

Thursday 21 January 2016

Completing the Living Room in Kate's Cottage

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your week so far. It has been quite busy in the last few days and there is still so much to do. Last weekend mother nature decided to throw a hiss at us. It was very cold, windy and rainy. My family and I decided to stay indoors so I was quite productive in My Miniature World. Sometimes it is just great to spend the whole weekend inside warm and cosy.

My Miniature World has been busy as ever. The blog page has reached over 101,000 views. I hope that you all find it interesting. It also helps me keep track of the progress of all my dolls houses.  This week My Miniature World Group on Face book has reached over 600 members and My Miniature World Face Book Page has reached over 13,000 likes. Thank you so much followers, fans and friends for all your support and encouragement. I really appreciate it.

Today I will be sharing with you the complete Living quarters in Kate's Cottage.

The Living area in Kate's Cottage
I am really pleased how this room turned out to be. I never thought that it would have looked like this. It is quite spacious and I have manged to fit all the items that I wanted. As I had a great weekend being inside, I spent most of it making miniatures and adding them to the room.

In Tudor times vegetables was the most common food. So I made quite a selection of vegetables and fruit, I have made carrots, turnips, potatoes, onions and a cabbage. I have made some fruit like strawberries, apples and oranges. These will be added to the other food stock that I made previously. I have also made some pottery vessels which were common in the period. 

Vegetables, fruit and vessels.

I have also made a small bowl of eggs.

Bowl of Eggs

In Tudor periods it was quite common to have a bee hive to collect honey to use as a sweetener for food.  I have made a miniature beehive. The beehive's style fits the era to date with a pottery base. I have made this beehive using polymer clay and then used string to make the cover.

Period Beehive

Maybe you have noticed the little tiny room at the back which is behind the fire place underneath the stair case. I have decided to use the little nook as a food store or larder. I think it is just perfect to be used like this. Most of the food used to be salted or smoked to preserve them. I have decided to make a small little shelf with pegs so I could hang the food from them. The little pegs were made from toothpicks and cut to measure. I have stained it to match the wooden wall beams. Then I tried my hand making the food to hang from the pegs. I have made a hanging goose, some pork sausages and some red herrings. I am really pleased how they turned out.

Hand made shelf with pegs and miniature food

In the larder I decided to add a corner floor shelf and filled it up with the miniatures that I made.

Shelf with food
And finally I can say that the larder is quite full and just right.

The Larder

The Larder in the corner underneath the stair case. 
 The hutch is now filled with most of my miniatures too.

To make the washtub look a bit realistic I added some more detail. Using resin water and some soapy bubbles, I added a piece of material and it just looks right.


I also fixed the mantel piece of the fire place which needed some more accessories added to it.

So I guess this is pretty much the complete room. Maybe there will be a few more additions but it is pretty much done.

Here are some pictures of it, I hope you'll like it.

The table with the dinner

My vegetables 

Sturdy sniffing the food

The Larder
So this is all for today folks. Hope you will find this interesting. Next time I will be sharing the finishing touches of Kate's Bedroom. Keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday 12 January 2016

The Bedroom in Kate's Cottage

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you have had a good start for the New Year. This is our first post of the year and it is already the 12th of the month. Had a small break......just a very tiny break! I enjoyed spending the Christmas break with the kids and hubby. The kids are now back to school and so we are back to the usual. I am so looking forward to this year's projects.

Firstly I wanted to welcome a new follower to my blog. Welcome Sonja Smith. 

Today I will be announcing the winners for our three free give away books. They are Franca Gamberoni, Alexandra Martinez and Lucille Turpin. Please contact me by email or send me a message through Facebook with your postal address so I can send you a book kit. Don't give up everyone we will be having more free give aways very soon.

Today I will be sharing with you the first floor room in Kate's Cottage which is the bed room.

Bed room in Kate's Cottage

This room is quite cute and there is so much that I still want to add and do. I have started off with some nice pieces which were used in the Tudor period.

Firstly I got my medieval bed for Catherine and a small truckle bed for Luke. 

Both beds came without the bedding and they are quite perfect to the period. The small truckle bed as you can see has wheels at the end of the bed's legs so it can slide underneath the bigger bed. The little truckle was made on a special order for me to fit underneath. 

I didn't really know how I was going to make the bedding but I knew that the mattresses where filled with hay or with heather. The pillows filled with sheep's wool. The bed sheets were made out of woven linen and well the blankets used to be some sort of patched up fur sewn together unless it came from a big animal or woven wool.

So I have made my beds to look the part using linen and wool.

The finished beds

So far I have only added two more pieces of furniture which are the small chest of drawers  and a small desk with a chair.

On top of the chest of drawers so far I have only added a water jug and basin made out of pewter.

Chest of drawers
On the other side there is  the small desk and chair with an ink well and  quill.

Desk and Chair

I have also made some accessories for the little desk. Two books which one of them is displayed opened, A scroll, letter and a few scripts. I have aged them a bit to make them look a bit realistic.

Desk accessories

I have also got a few medieval toys for little Luke which are the wooden sword and the cup and ball game.

Wooden toy sword and cup and ball game

Little Luke just loves them.

 And this is how the room looks like so far.

There is still so much that I still need to add. I have in mind a few more pieces of furniture, curtains and more accessories. I can't wait to see this project complete.

So this is all for today. Hope you have enjoyed it. Keep tuned for the next update on Kate's Cottage.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx