Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Different scenes with My Miniature World miniatures

Hello everyone,

Enjoying your week? So far I can't complain at all. I have to admit I miss not starting a new dolls house project. It is frustrating that I am not ready for a new dolls house. Maybe I will indulge myself with a room box but I can assure you I won't be that happy.

A few weeks ago I had asked on My Miniature World face book page for clients to share some pictures of their scenes with miniature accessories purchases from My Miniature World Shop. Surprising enough I had gotten quite a few photos to share with our readers. These scenes come from different clients from all over the world ..... so all credit goes to them. I want to thank you all for sharing them.

The first photo I wanted to share was the first photo I have ever received from a client and friend a long time ago when at first I opened my miniature shop. I have never shared it before but this is the right occasion to do so. These photos have been sent to my by Liz Davis. I was so thrilled with them. 

Liz has purchased the books and tea pots that I made with polymer clay and the detailed hand painted carpenter's tool set.

Lately our last Free Give away Winner Drora Hed made a bunny scene with My Miniature World books. I love how she has decorated them and she also shared it on her Blog. Thank you Drora.

By Drora Hed

 My Miniature Books always makes a hit with my clients. Here are a few more photos,

This one is by Latricia Williams with one of her Spooky Scenes

And this Fairy Scene is by Nikki Pulaski with more books. Can you find out how many books she has?

Jan Kubiesa had asked for a custom request to paint the ormolu Style clock and matching candle sticks in a maroon color. I was impressed to see them in situ.

Little Tye Traw love her personalized name ceramic mug.

Mrs. Mouse loves My Miniature World Quote ceramic mug of Nicky Gleave

Elizabeth MacCallum has shared with us her lovely Peter Rabbit themed nursery where you can see the lovely miniature ceramics that I made. 

Anita Mills also has some of our cupcake ceramics in her lovely shop.

Dagmar Tunrnidge has set up the lovely hand painted hall gong in an Oriental modern setting. I just love it. 

Constantine Spannos has share a picture of the sweet personalized ceramic pet bowls.

Finally Sandra Cook shares her Harry Potter scene where you see The Marauder's Map and Wand that I made. They are just perfect,

I want to thank all my clients that shared their miniature scenes with miniatures purchased from My Miniature World Shop. They all look lovely and I am thrilled that you love them. 

 If you have any miniatures by My Miniature World that you would like to share please do email me or message me on Facebook.

We have new miniatures every week and so far we offer over 450 miniatures. We have some good news too. We have introduced the 1:24 scale miniatures and they have been a hit. You can see our range of miniatures at My Miniature World Shop at etsy

So this is all for today, Hope you have enjoyed seeing a few scenes that include miniatures by My Miniature World Shop but all credits go to the picture owners that I have made such a wonderful job on the settings.

I will be updating you with more progress of my work very soon so keep tuned for the next post.

Take Care and see you soon,


Rebecca xxxx

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Pickett Hill - The Arts and Crafts

Good morning everyone,

How are you? Hope you all had a great weekend. Busy like always and the more we get closer to the move of my dolls houses in there in home the more tiring and slow it gets. For the time being I am boxing up all my dolls house accessories and furniture that I have never used for my dolls house project.  It is unbelievable that the final details are the most crucial. I am so looking forward to summer and I am hoping that we will soon settle this for a well deserved break. Before I start I wanted to welcome two new followers of my Blog; Val and Polyakova. Welcome!

I have been really thinking about a new project and like I said before it is just not wise to start if at this stage. Very tempted to start another project in Regent Street but I know for a fact that I won't be giving my 100% to it. So I put my foot down and decided to just work on  the materials for the project and in the mean time I might work on a room box. Thinking about it, I might as well continue on my 1:48th Scale dolls hose Pickett Hill. I never work full time on that scale but in moments like this it does fill in the pleasure of the hobby.

The Arts and Crafts furniture

At the moment I am just enjoying building the furniture kits. I am truly amazed with the detail of the Arts and Crafts room furniture and it's accessories just thinking how tiny these are.

I started of with the Artist's Storage Cabinet which will be covering the back wall of the room. It is such a sweet detailed piece of furniture and it also has the smallest sewing machine.

The Artist's Storage Cabinet

The 1:48 Scale sewing machine
From all the pieces that I have made for this house, I have to admit I loved building the Artist's Worktable and Art Supplies. It was the most detailed and complex piece that I have made so far. All the paint brushes are made by me using polymer clay. The little paints and accessories are just pretty amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it and for the final result.....well you can see it for yourself.

Paint brushed made with polymer clay

artist's Work table & art supplies

With the Artist's Work table I have also made the Artist's Easel & stool. Another detail piece that fits so well with the table. I have also made the paint brushes myself with polymer clay,.

Artist's Easel & Stool

I also made two more pieces which most probably will be fitting in the entrance hall of the Pickett Hall house.  The cute Apothecary Chest and the Reading Nook.

The Reading Nook

Apothecary Chest.

Here are some more pictures.

I am really hoping that I will start working on the house in the next couple of days. Hope you liked what I have done so far. Keep tuned for more updates on this house,

Take Care and See you soon.


Rebecca xxx

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Closing the Curtains to The Woodcutter's Cottage.

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you are all doing well. I have been working hard while being under the weather. The change of  the weather always effects me. Got myself one hell of a cold. I am assuming that it is the aftermath after such a tough few weeks. My darling husband is back on his feet and working hard like always. He has been trying to make up for the lost time on the new premises but I don't want him to over do it even if it will take longer than planned. 

Now I am looking forward for the Summer days. As we are approaching June, I have to admit it is the toughest month. Getting the kids to study for their final exams, just before their long summer break. Can't wait to have them at home and enjoying our hot warm Summer together.

Before I start I wanted to welcome four new followers of my blog. Mashu Tres, Jadis Wolf, Missy or Nona and Ella. A BIG Welcome!

Today I will be sharing with you the end of The Woodcutter's Cottage. I can't even believe that finally I got it all done. After the big move I am hoping to add to it a garden and maybe even some sort of barn or tool shed Only time will tell, but for now it will be standing on it's own.

The Woodcutter's Cottage
To continue were I left off, I finally finished the darn roof slates. They say patience is a virtue. While tiling the roof slates usually I try to relax and just use the time to think on my next step or project. I have painted the roof grey and gave it some more detail by shading some ares in a darker color. 

When the roof was all done I wanted to finish off the front garden of the cottage. So I started by building the low boundary wall and painted the floor in grey.

Then I got some card stock and shaded it with dark browns, lighter browns and green and cut the card into small tiles.

I have tiled the flooring and sealed it.

The cottage didn't come with the front gate so I decided to add one that fitted the space perfectly. I also trimmed the boundary wall with some wood to match the gate.

When that was complete I fixed the front to the dolls house which my hubby hinged. For some reason after all these years he still doesn't allow me to use the power tool. I don't mind it at all. I wall papered the inside of the front to match the rooms and also made myself the curtains.

I also added the last bits and accessories to the dolls house. All lights have been fixed and lit. I love the little cottage. It is decorated very simple but warm at the same time. Here are the rooms.

The Bedroom

The Bathroom

The living / dining

The Kitchen

I also decorated the outside of the dolls house to add a few more details.

And so once again I have completed another dolls house. I am sure that there will be more added to the house especially if I have plans to add a garden to it. But I have to admit this is a wrap. I hope you like how it has turn out to be. 

A few might ask what's next on the line? At this point in time, I would say I don't have a clue. We are getting close to the move of my dolls houses in their new home and starting a new dolls house at this stage would be unwise. So for the time being I am hoping to finish of the Queen Mary's Bedroom Diorama and if it will be finished before the move I have a small room box which I might decorate. 

Next in line will definitely be a new property in Regent Street. I can't wait to start it off.

So this is all for today. Keep tuned for some more of my miniature work updated.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxxx