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Hello everyone,

I am sure that everyone was born under a special star and that everyone has his or her special abilities and unique talents. Some of us have it over flowing, some of us have just found it which will grow and mature by time and experience. A few might be still looking for that special thing that makes them feel whole..... don't despair you will find it!

It comes in different forms and ways. Some find it in sports while others find it in their career. Most of us find it in our hobby. It could be music, dancing, cooking, art, crafts and I can keep on going as the list is endless.

Well, I am pretty sure you know where my heart fits in and has been there for quite a bit. If you had to ask me if I ever had other hobbies, I can assure you I had quite a few. At a young age sports was my 'forte' and fencing was my number one priority. You couldn't expect any better from the daughter of a master sword's man. I loved  playing the guitar, I enjoyed dancing, acting, modeling, curtain making, filigree thread and I am sure I am missing something in the long run.

Building Dolls houses and creating miniatures came like a lightning bolt; marking and consuming me completely. It's been over 20 years since I started my very first collector's dolls house. Since then there was never a day that I lost the spirit of the hobby. On the contrary it bloomed, flourished and it grown into something that sometimes I can't even explain it myself. It is my miniature world that I just enjoy, breath, sleep and live with.

Some would say that I am obsessed and that I lost my mind. If it is the case, so be it, I wouldn't change it for anything.

"Dolls Housing is not a hobby, 
it is more than an addiction, 
it is a passion that I can't live without."

That is my phrase and my own words and I think I couldn't have summed it up any better. Can you tell a poet to stop writing or an artist to stop painting?....The answer would be a "No" and that's how deep the feeling is for me.

I have created this phrase in a picture and posted it on my blog and on My Miniature World face book page and 'lo' in just a couple of days it had over 6,000 views, likes and shares. It has also been published in dolls house magazine articles and people who think alike agree with it.

I got my own personal full size bone china mug  that I have been flashing all around my house and office. I am very proud of it.  I have also created a miniature ceramic mug. It is really cute with the same picture and readable quote.

My Personal dolls house full size mug and miniature.

The quote on both the mugs

The miniature mug

So unexpected, I had quite a lot of requests for this tiny ceramic mug so those who wish to have it it is available only from my blog just here below. To add to the little mug I also made a plate.

And so here they are.

Mug and plate

Dolls House miniature
ceramic mug & plate
 Hope you will like it. If you need more information please don't hesitate to ask.


Rebecca xxx     

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