Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Music Room

Hello Everyone,

First of all I want to welcome the new followers on the blog and for the kind comments. It's very encouraging.

Today I will be sharing with you the music room which is situated in the basement of Chestnuts.

The Music Room

This room is situated in the middle of the basement which leads to the guest room and to the Scullery. As I had built the dolls house before the basement, obviously it wasn't  designed to have a basement and therefore I could not make an internal stair case to join the two buildings. So for this room I made a fake door at the back hidden by a curtain too.

I have bought furniture kit for the whole room as I didn't have any idea how I was going to build a grand piano as I never really got to see one in real life. 

I have varnished it and added a lot of touches myself to it. The desk for example didn't have any opening doors or window glass. I managed to make them open. 

The upright plates that are shelved in the unit have been done by me. The very first plates that I actually did. They are made out of paper and coated with glossy varnish.

The books and small frames have been done by me too. All soft furnishing was done by myself too. The curtain the chair cushions, the table cloth and the doily. The music notes have been minimized to scale and printed.

Well I guess this is the Music Room. Next post will be the guest room and the last room of the dolls house.

Please keep tuned as I will be sharing with you new projects very soon. 

Take Care

Rebecca xxx

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