Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Toll House - My 4th Dolls House

Hello Everyone,

Today I will be sharing with you my forth dolls house which is called The Toll House. This was also a Dolls House Emporium kit which has been discontinued for a couple of years.

Building this house was extra fun as before starting even building it I had to figure out what was exactly a 'Toll House' and what where it's purposes.

Mainly the Toll Houses where found in England, Wales and Scotland during the 18th and 19th Centuries. The Toll House was a building to accommodate the toll collector. These where built near the toll gates where travelers used to pay the toll when crossing a channel or boarder. The distinctive bay windows where built to give the pike man a clear view of the road and provide a display area for the toll board. There where 5000 toll houses operating in England.

After learning all this I built my toll house to fit the scene.  Sometimes travelers had to pay the toll by vegetables or with other supplies that they possessed instead of money.

So here is my toll house.

The Toll House

Inside the Toll House
The Sleeping quarters

The living area
The Stair Case was something that I have added. It didn't come with the  kit.

I hope you all liked this project. Please keep tuned as I have more to share. 

Take Care,

Rebecca xxx


  1. Its great and I love the little touches like the bed warmer :).

  2. Thats lovely, i have the Toll House too, i was oging to say mine didnt ocme with stairs hahaha yours is lovely well done x

  3. I have enjoyed your blog and your thumbnails are beautiful! The Toll House is amazing!

  4. Amazing, you need 2 look more than once 2 see all the detail, I can't wait 2 get my own.