Thursday, 17 May 2012

Little Angel's Toy Shop

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are well. Here in Malta it's getting pretty warmer even if in the past few days it has been a bit windy and chilly in the evening.

Today I will be sharing with you one of my latest projects. It was hand crafted and built by myself with some  help from my husband Gilbert. Little Angel's Toy Shop was copied from a Dolls House Emporium discontinued designs called M. Poppin Toys.

I have used the same measurements  of the original shop and drew it on a MDF sheet. Obviously Gilbert not allowing me to use anything sharp and afraid that I might get hurt, cut the wood for me.

Little Angel's Toy Shop

I have built it and bought some dolls house building accessories for the whole project. The only difficulty that I came across was the shop sign. When I said I wanted a copy of the original Toy shop I truly meant it. Saw I drew the design, cut the wood and trimmed it with air dry clay to match the original shop's sign. 

I had also tried my hand with brick tiles for the walls and the roof slates which I'm very pleased with the results. 

The sign of the Shop

Decorating the inside was as easy and as fun as usual.  I have printed some cherubs and stuck them up on the ceiling of the shop. I have purchased bear wood furniture so I could paint it and decorate it the way that I like it.

The fun part came along when placing the toys and boxes in their places on the shelves. I have also built and decorated a made to measure small table myself for the little dolls house  that I had purchased for the shop and it just fitted the scene perfectly.

The small table for the Little dolls House

The Shop window from inside

Inside the shop

You can also see the cherub ceiling

So here it is I guess. I hope you all like it!

Keep tuned as I still have some bits and pieces to share.

Take Care

Rebecca xxx