Saturday, 2 June 2012

Butterfly Cottage

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Here in Malta summer is in the air and it's getting warmer and warmer. I guess that's the fun of it!

Today I will be sharing with you one of my latest prestigious conquests of my Miniature World, Butterfly Cottage. This lovely cottage is one of the Dolls House Emporium discontinued houses which probably you never saw or came across. It was only on the market for one year in 2001. It comes ready built, decorated, hand painted and hand crafted. It is made out of resin. Even the lovely roof and foliage are made out of resin.  

Butterfly Cottage

I had found this treasure on an auction and Gilbert my husband gave it to me as a Christmas present last year. It was pre-owned but in a perfect condition. I can't believe that it came to Malta in one piece. I consider myself very lucky to own it, being very rare to find and I practically took it for a very ridiculous price. I am pretty sure the seller didn't have an idea what she was throwing away for a very small price.

Inside Butterfly Cottage
Well as I only had to decorate it, I wanted to make something totally different from my other houses so I went for a shabby chic style which suited the cottage well.  I have changed the wall paper and gave it a bit of life by adding some border and tiles. I have made all it's curtains and added battery lights as there was no other way to add lighting being made out of resin. Honestly I prefer wiring the lights, but I am quite please with these battery lights as they are very luminous and easy to put. 

The kitchen-net was another headache but thanks to Elf once again I have managed to do something suitable for this lovely cottage. Obviously I have made it to suit it with pink flowers and a buttler's sink.  

The Kitchen area
The Kitchen

I have found some nice distressed shabby chic furniture for both the living area and the bedroom. I have used two wire arm chairs for the living area and added some cushions that I made matching the curtains. I also added a woolen rug that I made. Probably I will still be adding some more accessories knowing me but so far I'm quite happy with. 

Well now that I have complete it I can focus a bit more on one of my unfinished projects that I would love to finish before the baby comes. Here are more photos for you of Butterfly Cottage. I hope you like it.

Keep tuned.

Take Care and have a nice weekend.


Rebecca xxx

The upper floor the Bedroom

Outside the main door with the lovely flowers.
The living area with the wire decorated arm chairs

The whole living room
The kitchen area

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