Monday, 4 March 2013

Dolls House Miniature Scene Magazine Article

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. I have enjoyed my weekend with my family like always.

Today I wanted to share with you something a bit different than my normal updates of my projects. Erin Summers a follower of my blog and dear, true friend is a regular writer of the Dolls House Miniature Scene Magazine in the United Kingdom. Last December Erin approached me for an interview about my collection of dolls houses; those that are built and those that are still boxed. I gave her all the details and information within her deadline and she was pleased with it.

April's issue for this magazine is out and Erin's article 'Marvelous Miniatures'  - The Rise of the Collector was published. A few days ago I received a copy of the magazine and I am thrilled to have my houses and my work printed. Erin has done a fantastic job and I just love the article.

My Collection
The Article
I have scanned the article and here is the link The Rise of the Collector - By Erin Summers. Thank you so much my dear Erin. I was never in such a popular world wide magazine.

I have also added some more new miniatures in My Miniature World Shop at Esty. Here are some photos of the new items.

Polymer Clay, hand painted Tea Pot

Hand Painted Bookends 

Hand Painted Spring Balance

Hand Painted Camera and Opera Glasses

Hand Painted Art Deco Figurines

Later on this week I will be updating you with some more work on my Fairy tale Tower. Have been working on some polymerclay miniatures which I will be sharing with you very soon so please keep tuned.

Take Care and See you soon.

Rebecca xxx


  1. I love that article Rebecca and especially your photo of when you were four and now as you sit so relaxed amongst your beloved dolls' houses! Well done my friend. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much Anna. I am so pleased that you liked it. Take care. Hugs xxx

  2. Congratulations that you has been published in a magazine. It is super nice and very well deserved. You have certainly quite a collection.

    1. Thank you Wyma for your kind words. Yes quite a growing collection. My husband Gilbert won't be happy about it. Hugs xxxx

  3. Congratulations Rebecca. What a wonderful article x

    1. Thank you so much Marina. Glad that you liked it. xxx

  4. Congratulations love!!



  5. Congratulations on your publication. You've a great collection of dollhouses.
    I like your hand painted items.
    Bye Faby

    1. Thank you so much Faby. I am so pleased that you like my collection and my new hand painted items. Take care