Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Creation of Fairy Brier!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I still can't believe that we are in August. Time flies when you are enjoying it especially with the kids at home. 

Today I will be sharing with you the garden fairy that will be residing in the Fairy's Nook. I love adding dolls to my properties. Makes the houses look more lived in. As this project is based on a fairy's dwelling it is only appropriate to have a fairy doll in it. It is so difficult to find a 12th scale fairy. Most of them you find them made out of ooak which are very expensive. I came across this undressed elfish doll and she was very cheep. I could already imagine her in my Fairy's Nook.

Undressed Fairy doll
 Most garden fairies are dressed in leaves or flower petals so I found this velvety artificial rose steam which had some nice colors and would have fitted in perfectly for what I planned. As I used the rose petals to dress her up it was only fair that the Fairy would be named after a Rose. So I choose Brier. Brier is a wild rose which has very small thorns.

The artificial rose steam that was used.
 First I started by making her undies to hide the pipe cleaner legs. I used a pink piece of velvet which fitted in perfectly with the rose petals. Then I started dressing up the doll. Firs I started with the bodice and then the skirt. Once those where ready I did her sleeves and added some matching trimming to it. On the skirt I have also used some leaves. I was very pleased with the out come. 

The pink velvet underpants

The dressing of the Fairy

 Then came another challenge; the wigging of the doll. Even if I dressed a couple of dolls, I never really actually wigged one. The doll came without any hair. I had some curly golden hair which I had used for a past Christmas decoration and I thought that it would have suited her skin tones perfectly. She was not easy to wig as the hair was curly. But I love curly hair myself and she being named after a wild rose; wild, uncontrollable curly hair was my best option for her.   After wigging her I added a small floral wreath for her hair which matched her dress. 

Wigging the Fairy Doll

 I am happy how she turned out, then the final touches where to add the wings. I have used gold plated craft wire, some netting material and glue. First I painted the net in gold acrylic paint. Then I made the wings with the wiring. I glued the wire to the net and repainted everything. Then I added some touches of glitter around the wings. When the wings where dried I just fitted in the extra wiring of the wings between her bodice and her back.

Making the wings for the fairy

 I was very pleased how she turned out. To be honest I was very surprised how good she looked. Here are some pictures of Fairy Brier. I hope you like her. 

Fairy Brier near The Fairy's Nook

 I have also made some more polymer Clay  Fairy miniatures which you find available at my Etsy shop: My Miniature World Shop

Fairy vase and canister with pink roses

Fairy Teapot and water jug

Fairy canister and vase with purple roses

2 Armed Fairy Vase

Girl Hobby Horse / Unicorn which can also be fit for a fairy project
I hope you all liked what I have done so far. So please keep tuned for the next update on The Fairy's Nook.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. marvelous work dressing and wigging Brier....................
    She is adorable!



    1. Thank you so much Patty. Glad that you like it

  2. She's fabulous!
    I also like the other minis.
    Bye, Faby