Sunday, 8 September 2013

Started the Refurbishment of my Toll House

Hello my dear friends,

It's been a while since my last post. 24 hours a day are not enough now a days between looking after my 3 young children, doing house shores, making miniatures and building my dolls houses. I enjoy keeping you updated with the new additions and progress of my work. I guess this summer was one busy summer. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and are doing well. I also wanted to welcome two new followers of my blog; Caitlin Bock and lovestory. Welcome!

Today I will be sharing with you a new project that I am working on at the moment. Actually it is not new at all. I had my Toll House for years now which I loved dearly but lately I have seen it aged compared to my other dolls houses and I thought that it needed some TLC. Never in my life I thought of refurbishing any of my dolls houses as they are all kept in a very good shape but some how the Toll House lost it's glamour or I now I can see what I could have improved in it.

My Toll House when it was first built

I have been through the toll house histories and era and I can see mistakes in mine. I was just not comfortable with it any more. Some toll houses are still intact with some extensions added to them. There are families that still live in them. 
An existing Toll House which still stands proudly
So before I started with my new project I decided to start the Toll House's Renovation. If I started the new project now I am pretty sure that the toll house would have remained the same. It is not easy to renovate something that you have created especially when it was something that you really enjoyed doing.  It took me days to start. I would look at my toll house for a long time and I couldn't bring myself to touch anything from it. I was almost giving up when last week with some sort of outburst I removed all the pieces of furniture, accessories and lights and stood there with my heart beating fast. I closed my eyes and tore the first wall paper. I kept going until it was bare. I was almost hyperventilating when it was over. I couldn't believe that I actually did it.

the toll house bare to it's kit form

The first thing that I had planned for it was actually a small extension to one of the walls which will be turned into a small pantry. Now the toll house will have three rooms. I am thinking of changing most of the furniture and decor. I would probably go for a Victorian style as the use for the Toll Houses which where built by the Turnpike Trust ended in 1880 so the Victorian Era will suit it best. 

I have opened one of the side walls to fit a door opening and built a small extension. I have also gave another undercoat of paint. And so far this is how it is looking. It is not easy for me to work on this project as I can still see it in it's former glory. I am just hoping that what I did to it, is only for the best.

Adding an opening to one of the walls for the door

The new extension to the toll house

The extension which will be transformed into a Pantry

My Toll house with the new extension

Painting the inside of the toll House and it's extension. 

I have also been busy with some new miniatures which you will find available now at my Etsy shop: My Miniature World Shop

I have made some polymer clay minis. As Halloween is getting closer I decided to make some pumpkins. I have also made a Working light Pumpkin. I really liked it. It gives a very nice orangey warm look.

Melted candle on pumpkin.

A Pumpkin center piece

The working light pumpkin in flower pot

And here how it looks like when lit up

One beautiful new hand painted white metal miniature. It is a Wilcox and Gibbs sewing machine (1866 model) It is very detailed and pictures don't bring it any justice. A Well done to my dear father who made this master piece.

Wilcox & Gibbs sewing machine (1866 model)
I have also been working on some ceramic pieces. I have made some spooky plates for Halloween and to my great delight I have started a new range with personalized ceramics which are all my designs. So far I have made personalized name mugs, baby's 1st Halloween Name plate and Santa's Cookie name plate. I will be adding more personalized plates in the near future. 

Spooky Plates

Baby's 1st Halloween name plate

Personalized name mug which comes in different designs to choose from.
It also comes with a coordinated plate. 

Cookies for Santa Plate which takes up to three names. 

And to conclude I finally finished my 4th Miniature downloadable Book which is called 'Herbology - Magical & Mundane Book'.  It is based on the Harry Potter book Series. You can find how to make it and download it from here The Making of 'My Miniature World' downloadable miniature books!

At the moment I am working on another book which will be out shortly.

'Herbology - Magical and Mundane Book'
The 4th book in my collection

Hope you will find this post interesting. I will be updating you very shortly with my progress on the renovation of my Toll House. So please do keep tuned.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Looking forwar to following you with this re-furbishment Rebecca.



    1. Thank you so much Patty for your support. I really appreciate it. Love you xxx

  2. I like this renovetion of the Toll House.
    Your new minis are wonderful.
    Bye, Faby

    1. Thanks Faby for you kind comments. It means a lot to me. xxx