Monday, 13 January 2014

The New Project - The Bloom & Blossom Florist

Hello my dear friends,

It has been a while since I posted. I was quite busy as I returned back to work last week after working for 4 years as a full time mum. It wasn't easy especially leaving little Leah but so far I am managing. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.

The Toll House is still not finished and I am still working on it but like I promised, today I will be sharing with you my new project which is called the 'Bloom & Blossom Florist'. This is another Dolls House Emporium kit. The only difference in this kit is actually a kit meant for children to play with and not for the collector. I couldn't resist the price. The Dolls House Emporium where selling this kit for only Euro 20, which was a total bargain.

It is a nice two room kit which was actually called the Mary Beth's Village Store. I have firstly built the kit which was very easy. I think even the children could have built it without any problems or glue.

The Children's dolls House kit Mary Beth's Village Store

Inside the property
 The first thing that had to go was the girlish pink windows and signs. It looks so much like a toy and I definitely had to change the name of the shop. I have designed the shop sign on the computer for the florist shop and painted the windows and signs with a turquoise color and blended in some white shades. I was happy how the colors turned out which matched the shop signs perfectly.

The New frontage

The top sign of Bloom & Blossom

The lower sign

After finishing most of the paint of the frontage I had some extra roof tiles and decided to use them for the front porch. I have also painted and dirtied them to give the roof a weathered look.

Weathered Roof tiles on the front porch.

I was very happy with the out come and it doesn't look childish at all. Then I started working on the front. I darkened slightly the out side floor and added a front step. I have also made some paper climbing flowers on each side of the door. I had a bare wood wheel barrow which I painted and made some paper roses to decorate the inside of it. Most florist have flowers outside for sale so it just fitted in perfectly.

The hand painted wheel barrow

The bouquets of paper roses.
Finally I added some little lace trimming inside the windows and I can say that the front is practically ready. I might add some more flowers at the end but I am really pleased with it. And this is how it looks like at the moment.

The Bloom & Blossom Florist Shop

The Front porch of  the shop

I hope you have liked what I have done so far to this new project. 

I also wanted to remind you that there are some new miniatures at my Etsy shop and don't forget January's free gift offers.

Do keep tuned for more updates of this new dolls house. 

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Wonderful flower shop. I like the signs and the new frontage.
    Greetings, Faby

    1. Thank you so much Faby for your lovely comments. I am really pleased that you like it.