Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Finishing The Bloom & Blossom Florist Shop

Hello folks,

Hope you are all feeling well after the Easter Holidays. I had a good Easter as I celebrated it with my family like I always do. The kids enjoyed opening their presents that they got from the Easter Bunny.

So today I will be sharing with you the finishing touches of the Bloom & Blossom Florist Shop. I am really thrilled that it turned out the way it is now.

So I have added more clients to the shop itself and added more minis. I like these resin figurines especially working on a modern project. They look more realistic than the normal porcelain dolls. 

I really tried my best to give more details to the whole room.

The Working Bench

George the Florist serving a customer

Then once again I added more miniatures in the staff room.

I have made some more miniatures out of polymer clay and ceramics. I have made some dirty dishes, and added more detail to the kitchenette. I also added some kitchen accessories that fitted in the scene perfectly.

Dish Washing soap with sponge 

Dirty tea cup

Dirty plate with left overs

The decorated kitchenette

Finally I added the wall lights and I guess this is another finished project. I never imagined that it would turn out like this. From a kid toy to a collectors dolls house. I just love it.

Here are some shots of the whole project

The Shop with the lights on and finished

The Complete shop

The Staff Room

Hope you have enjoyed seeing this project. I have also started working on a new project and I am hooked by it already. So please do keep tuned.

Hope to see you soon and take care.


Rebecca xxx


  1. bonito trabajo, me gustan especialmente esos platos sucios ...!

    1. Thank you so much. I am so glad that you liked it Carmen

  2. The shop is fantastic. I also like the kitchen.

    1. Hi Faby. Thanks for your kind words. Yes I love the kitchen too.

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    1. Thank you so much my dear Patty for your wonderful words. It means so much to me. Sending you lots of hugs. xxx