Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More Additions to The Coffee Corner Shop

Hello my dear friends,

I hope everyone is all right and enjoying their summer. I have just came back from my vacation I had with my family. We took a Mediterranean cruise and it was just grand. I enjoyed spending some quality time with the kids and my husband and in the same time a wonderful break from the everyday life. Unfortunately there is always an end but I am happy to be back home and back to my miniature world.

Beth Sammarino from Spain contacted me and I am pleased to say that she has received it and is enjoying her prize. Don't lose heart folks very soon I will be giving another give away. I also wanted to welcome a few more followers of my blog. A big welcome goes to Stacy, Sharon, Emma, Narina, Angeles Malu and Rosella WELCOME! I wanted to thank all of you and those who follow on Face Book. We have over 100 followers on my blog and over 200 followers on Face Book. This means so much to me and it is so encouraging. I never imagined that wonderful folks like you will enjoy my creations and miniatures. THANK YOU SO MUCH! from the depth of my heart. 

Today I will be sharing with you some more additions that I have been adding to my Coffee Corner Shop. I am really enjoying this project even if it is just a one room. It seems like I can't stop myself from adding more little details.

I have finally decorated the shop bay windows. There isn't much I could add. I have made some more pastries out of polymer clay and made a pair of tire cake stands for the window setting.

The little polymerclay pastries.

The Cake stands with the little pastries.
I have also added an old coffee machine and some teapots to the window. I actually like the Queen Victoria Tea Pot and also the Big Ben tea pot. Some how they fitted well. And here are some pics of both the windows.

The Right Hand side Shop Window

The Left hand side Shop Window

The Shop from the outside with the finished displayed windows.
I also added some more touches inside the shop. Underneath the dresser I have placed some sacks filled with sugar, coffee and tea which I have made. The coffee and tea are filled with real crushed coffee and cinnamon.  I like the smell of coffee and cinnamon blended in together and I am really pleased that this project does have that pleasant smell of a real coffee shop. 

Sacks filled with coffee and cinnamon 
I have also added more pastries on a 3 tire cake stand which I have placed on the counter and added some more accessories

More accessories added to the shop

The final miniatures that I added where the bar stools which are to be placed in the shop. Both these stools have been built and hand painted by my father. They have blended in well with the rest of the furniture and I am really thrilled with them.

Bar Stools
Here are some pictures of them in the shop.

The Stools inside the shop
I hope you like what I have made so far. There is still a little bit more that I want to add but I am pretty sure that by next week the shop will be ready and will be moving to another project.

I hope you have liked what I have done so far.

Keep tuned for more updates.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxxx


  1. Hi Rebecca! Your coffee shop is stunning! So full of details. I love your idea about having real coffee and cinnamon in the shop, I bet it smells wonderful! Your pastries are amazing, I'm now very hungry!! Your dad has a great skill, the stools are so perfectly made!
    I'm intrigued at what else you can possibly add to the shop!!
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Thank you so much Brian for your wonderful comments. I am so pleased that you enjoyed following this project. I really appreciate it

  2. I love your Shop Rebecca, the details on those bar stools is amazing and the little cupcakes are so cute :)


    1. Thank you so much Marisa for your kind words. I am really happy that you liked them. Too bad we can't eat the cakes :-)