Saturday, 9 August 2014

At Last! The Toll House is done!

Hello dear friends,

Hope that you are fine and are enjoying your weekend. August is here and in Malta we can say that August is the worst month of the summer. It gets really really hot, but I have to admit compared to other summers this year was quite mild. Any way I wanted to welcome a new follower to my blog. Welcome Colmar Robmac.

Finally the renovations of my Toll House are complete. It took me a while to finish off the bricking of the walls. I am so pleased how it all turned out and it was definitely worth it. I can still remember how petrified I was to even think about taking that step. 

I have added some more miniatures and accessories to the sleeping quarters of the toll house. I have changed the heater as the previous one was too modern. Thanks to my father this is definitely much better and I love the little details.

The New Heater
I have also filled up the empty trunk that was in the bedroom. I have turned it into the hunting chest. In the Victorian Era Hunting for foxes was one of the greatest hobbies. So I have filled it up with some miniatures that I have made myself.

Empty miniature trunk

The Hunting Chest

Finally I connected the electricity to the the Toll House and it just looks fantastic when it is lit up especially in the dark. It gives it that little extra oomph I guess. I just wished I was small enough to crawl in and stay there. 

The Lights on

I also added some accessories to the door. I think it does look much better than bare.
Door Accessories 
And finally I have managed to brick all the walls and roof. It was not an easy task but I am pleased with the results. Finally I did achieve what I wanted and I think it couldn't get any better than this.

The Complete Toll House

Here are some final pictures of the inside of the toll house.

The Pantry

The Drawing Room
The fire place and safe
The Secret passage behind the book case
The Stair Case behind the wall
The Sleeping quarters

I hope you have enjoyed the final stages of my Toll House. I have also made a small Video of it. In the Video you can see the how the Toll House was decorated before and after the restoration. Hope you will enjoy it.

I have also made some more miniatures that you can find at my Etsy Shop My Miniature World Shop. Here are a few of the new items.

I also completed my 12th miniature Downloadable book call The Wild Swans which you can also find at my Etsy shop. The Wild Swans

Hope you have enjoyed today's post. Next time I will be sharing with you my new project. So please do keep tuned.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. wow I love it, yes I want to crawl inside as well

    1. Thank you so much Debbie, I am so pleased that you liked it.

  2. Hi Rebecca! Your time and effort on the brickwork have paid off, it looks superb! I love all the details you have managed to cram in this little place! There's so much to see I have to look at every picture twice! I really love the idea of a secret passage, it adds a touch of mystery!
    You have done a wonderful job on the Toll House and I look forward to seeing your next project.
    Kind regards, Brian.

    1. Ah Brian Thank you so much. I really appreciate you wonderful compliments. I am glad that you have liked it so much.

  3. Hello Rebecca! This is such a great restoration of an already lovely doll's house! The gothic windows are a feature that I really love and I am so glad that you retained them as you added the wonderful brickwork around them. The interior is much more cozy and inviting and the added details in every room, give it warmth and a great story! This house looks like it has always been this way and that the owner has been happily living there for decades. I love the safe! What a great idea! Everything about this little house is special and the video is such a nice addition with the before and after shown with a hauntingly lovely soundtrack.
    Beautiful Beautiful work! :D


    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for you kind words and support It means a lot to me.