Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Making Flower Arrangements in Bowls Tutorial

Hello my dear friends,

Hope you are all fine and doing well. Just a quick pop today. March is here finally and the weather was slightly better today so it gave me that extra push to make some miniatures. I haven't started the inside of the chapel yet but I have done some flower arrangements for the altar. I have really enjoyed making them and thought of sharing how I actually made them. Well this is sort of a small tutorial. I am sure that a few of you can figure out how to make them.

Well here is the list of things that you will be needing:

 6 miniature flowers ( preferable 2 different kinds)
 A ceramic miniature bowl slightly deep.
Some scenery moss (you can find this in any model shop)
A couple of leaves (even paper leaves with a miniature punch)
Glue (I like to use UHU tube)
a toothpick

Step 1: So first we pick up the flowers. As these are for my chapel for a change I didn't go for pink or roses. Set them up as you prefer. I went for the triangular shape as you can see. When you like how the flowers are  set together, use the wire and tie them in a firm bunch very close to the lower flowers. Make sure that the flowers a tight and the wire is secured and twisted.

 Step 2: Make sure that the flowers are arranged the way you want them. Then cut the stems with a pliers just below the wire. Make sure you don't cut the wire as you will lose the setting of the flowers and it will be very difficult to re arrange them once they are cut. You might want to check the depth of your bowl and that is why the wire should be tied very close to the flowers.

Step 3: After that get one of your bowls. You can buy miniature ceramic bowls or make your own with ceramic or polymer clay. This is a matter of your choice and likes. Fill the bowl with glue. I like to use the UHU tube kind of glue. It is slightly messy but it is quite tick and settles very quickly. Then add the bunch of flowers inside the bowl. At this point the flowers won't stay in place so hold them in place.

Step 4: With a tooth pick start adding and tucking in the green moss all around. This will keep the flowers in the center and the bowl will not tilt. Don't worry if the moss will look untidy. as long as the bowl and flowers stand straight it is not a problem.

Step 5: Trim the extra moss around the bowl with the scissors to make the arrangement look neater and the moss would look much more like leaves than a bush unless you want it to remain out or hide the bowl. 

Step 6: When that is done we can add the leaves at the back. Apply the glue to the leaves with a tooth pic. The leaves can be made out of paper using a leave punch or you can find ready made from a craft shop. I used paper leaves and added some yellow balls to them. I only used 2 leaves which went in the space between the white flowers at the back.

Step 7: It is all done and this is how it would look at the end. 

Here are some pictures of them.

I hope you will find the little tutorial useful. Maybe you have seen something similar to it but I am really happy how they turned out and I really wanted to share with you how simple they where to make. Obviously you can choose and add whatever you want. 

So this is all for today. Hope to see you real soon with the continuation of the chapel. So keep tuned for more updates.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. SOO pretty thanks for the great tut!!!!

    1. You are very welcome. Glad that you liked it. xxx

  2. Simple and Elegant, Rebecca. Thank you for your tutorial. :))


    1. I am pleased that you liked it Elizabeth and that you will find it useful. xxx