Monday, 27 April 2015

The Expansion of My Miniature World Books

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you all had a very good weekend. Finally the sun decided to come out and we had some lovely days in a row. Unfortunately for me I wish I was as happy as the weather. My health decided to pull some strings which to my dismay has left me very weak, helpless and tired to do anything both in my real life or in my miniature world. Due to this I haven't started working on my next project but I am really looking forward to gain my strength so I can once again move on. I have just been diagnosed with a very under active thyroid. I still have to run more tests and now I am on meds. Under these circumstances I am waiting for the meds to kick in as it has been only over a week that I found out. I am very optimistic and I am looking forward to feel much more like my usual tornado self.  

I also wanted to welcome 2 new followers of my blog Marie Winell and Nancy Gallo. WELCOME!

Being what things are I wanted to share with you the lovely expansion of My Miniature World Books which is being quite a success. From downloads, I have turned them into kits and now they are for sale from my own blog. I have opened a section just for My Miniature World Books where you can purchase the books directly from here. There is a tag right near the home page to see them.

My Miniature World books have all started from the first book that I made called "The Book of Fairytale Spells" which was made for my Fairy tale Magical Mystery tower. I have made it for the Witch's Den based Snow White. I had quite some request for copies of this book and my friends suggested that I should actually start selling it.

The Snow White scene with the 1st miniature book

The Book of Fairytale Spells
It was a great hit and it is still going strong. With the first book came more publications and since that day 18 books have been made. Most of the books where all made as requested from customers and friends and have been quite successful. 

My Miniature World Books.
All Books are made in the same way where you can find the Tutorial on my blog The Making of My Miniature World Books. They are very easy to make. All the books have an indexed spine to complete your collection.

Indexed Book Spine
The Books are available in two versions. For those who prefer to print them themselves they can purchase the sheet and build the books with the download version which at the moment the books are only available at My Miniature World Shop at etsy.

My Miniature World Books downloadable sheet.
Since last December all books have been available in kit form. They are printed on high quality paper with a lazer printer and come cut and ready for you to build. It only takes a little bit of glue. You can find them for sale also at my shop at etsy and now even from my own blog here.

My Miniature World Books in kit form
So far I have made 18 books which I have really enjoyed making. Some of them have been inspired from animated movie pictures. Some from fantasy movies. I have also had requests to make specific books.

Here are the books  that I have made so far.

 There are 8 fantasy books based on fairy tales, fairies, mystical creatures and many more.

We also have 3 Christmas books for the festive season. 


We have also some Children's stories.

The latest additions after lots of requests and consideration I have also started the collection of the Children's Stories by Beatrix Potter. This collection has started since last February and every month a new book is made. So far 3 books have been made and at the moment I am working on the 4th book.

So I hope that you will find time to have a look at the new additions. If there are any requests or suggestions that you would like to see please do let me know. This has been quite a new venture for me and it is still growing so I am looking forward to keep up to the task.

Well that is all for today. Let's hope that I will gain my strength to start working on my new projects.
Please keep tuned for my updates.

Take Care and See you real soon.


Rebecca xxx

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