Friday, 29 May 2015

Finishing Outside No 35 Leah's

Hello my dear friends,

Once again another month has gone by and we are getting closer to summer and the warm weather. Mother nature can't make up her mind and she is taking her time to bring the warm weather. One day it seems to be really nice and the next day well let's say it's a bit of a mixture between gloomy and cold. Thanks to this type of mix up I ended up with a terrible cold in the past week. The doctor told me that it was to be expected as my immune system is down to the bottom due to my new health problems. Well even though my new life style regarding health isn't really what I wished for at least I still get to make my miniatures. I use my little free time to concentrate more on my projects than staring at a screen on my computer or doing something which isn't that important as my hobby. Sometimes you can get carried away and totally get lost on the computer. So I drew a line.

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I also wanted to let you know that the 5 winners for the Love Quote book kit are Cheryl Cunlife, Dawn Hamilton, Sue McKenzie, Fabiola Benocci and Ellie Stevens. Those who haven't contact me please send me an email or message me on Face Book with your details so I can send it to you.

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Here we are once again with No 35 Leah's, I am very happy to say that the little house of Miss Leah is finally finished on the outside. It fitted in so well with the boutique and I am just thrilled.

Miss Leah's Boutique and No 35 Leah's.

After all the brick work was done, I needed to add the last few brick trimmings around the edges and I built the dormer window which also need the brick finishing.

Adding the dormer and brick work
When that was all done it was time to start shading the brick work to match Miss Leah's Boutique. I have used a mouse grey acrylic paint and shaded every brick. Then I added some brown shading to various bricks to give it that weathered look and at least the brick work wouldn't look boring.

Shading the Walls

The side walls

The front
When the walls where complete with all the shading it was time to start working on the roof tiles of the property. I had to tile the small roofs of the bay window, the dormer and the slanting roof. After  tiling the roof which took me almost half a day, I painted them in grey and dirtied them with a little brown.

Tiling the roof
On the top of the roof I have also completed the chimney which needed some details with bricking and shading to give it a more realistic look. I added the batons on the flat part of the roof and painted it with grey and gave it a weathered look by dry brushing with browns.

The Chimney and batons

The roof

The last thing to add was the brick work on the pavement. These where made by me with cardboard from a cereal box and painted it with different shadings like grey, dark brown, light brown and a little green. Then I cut the cardboard into small rectangles. It does give a very nice touch to the outside. I have also added a front door step.

The pavement.
And so here is the completed house from the outside and the two properties together really look great. You wouldn't even believe that this was actually a barn kit. Miss Leah is really really happy with it and she is so looking forward to start working on the inside.

Here are the pictures.

So this is all for today. Next time we meet we will start working on the inside of the little building and Miss Leah's will be joining us with one of her Diary entries. So make sure to keep tuned.

Wishing you all a very nice weekend.

Take Care and See you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Lovely work Rebecca! I think that you have successfully transformed the original barn kit into a solid and welcoming home for Miss Leah. It really ties in well with the store front next door and What Luck! that it was available and is now ready for occupancy. It's the perfect commute! :D


    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I am really really pleased that you have liked it. xxx

  2. Its so cute, love the brick work. I can't wait to see the inside


    1. Thank you so much Marisa. I can't wait to start working on it too. xxxx

  3. Beautiful! A great work. I like the details.
    I won your giveaway! Fantastic! I sent you a message on facebook.

    1. Thanks Faby for your kind words. I am pleased that you have enjoyed your miniature book too xxx

  4. Thank you for your warm welcome Rebeca. Miss leah´s little house looks lovely, the whole project is wonderful indeed. I look forward to seeing more of it!!! Hugs,


    1. Hi Alexandra, thank you so much and You are so very welcome. I am so pleased that you are enjoying it . xxxx