Sunday, 28 June 2015

Miss Leah's Bed Room

Good morning my dear friends,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Here in Malta it is quite warm and sunny. The kids have finally finished school and now I get to spend the summer with them. I just love it. 

I have been very busy in this past week. Both with my miniature world and in my everyday life. Today I will be sharing with you what I have been up to with No 35. Miss Leah's new home. 

Miss Leah's Bed Room
Like the living area, I have also made and printed the wall paper and flooring for this room. It has a nice Victorian Warm feeling. I love the shades of green and pink together. When the flooring and wall paper were done I finished the posts and banister around the opening of the stair case.  I also added the chimney breast for the fire place to fit in. I still need to add the skirting and cornice to the room.

Wall papering the bed room walls

The room is quite spacious but when it is part of staircase landing and has a slanting roof....well space is quite limited. I have chosen some pieces of furniture that will actually fit in the room. This is the part when you imagine the room with a piece of furniture and then you realize that it just doesn't do.

My first piece of furniture was Miss Leah's Bed. The bed was hand painted by my father and I have made the bedding for it. I liked the combination of the colors, lace and frills. One of the accessories that will go on the bed, will be Miss Leah's doll named Ann. This is another miniature that my father painted. Her arms also move. She was one of the first miniatures that he painted for me and now it has found it's place.

Miss Leah's Bed and bedding

Ann Miss Leah's doll

When the bed was done then I could picture the room better. I had waited for some supplies to arrived and I could start adding the pieces to the room. I had this little cupboard stashed and I liked the idea of it having one door and a set of drawers. To add some more to it's charm I have added a piece of the same wall paper that I printed on the door. I also added some bed room accessories to it. 

The center pieces on this little cupboard is actually an old trinket box made by Limgoes France. The little perfume bottle was hand painted by me. I really liked how it turned out. 

The decorated cupboard

The Hand painted perfume bottle
The Limoges trinket box

I have also made a new hat for Miss Leah to add to her room. I went for pink and cream this time and I have made the tiny roses for it too.

Miss Leah's hat

In the room I also added a wash stand and a writing desk next to her bed. On top of the desk there is a wall shelf that still need to be filled with books. The desk still needs to be accessorized.  Finally I added the fire place. It is a small Victorian style bedroom fire place.  It is another one of those pieces that I will treasure with all my heart. It is hand painted by my father and it looks just right for the room and the chimney breast.

The fire place

There is still lots to add to the room to give it more detail. I still have to go for lights, skirting and cornice and more accessories. I am sure that Ms Leah will love it.

And here is the final shots of the room so far.

28th June 1880

Dear Diary,

Finally my sister is back on her feet and she has returned to her shop. Matty is away again in France. The weather is much better at least it is slightly warmer. I was very busy in these past weeks as at the boutique as there is a quite a big occasion in the opera house next month. 

My new home is finally taking shape. While my brother was here we got the bedroom to look a bit more decent. I spent a few day at the Manor House collecting and packing more of my stuff. I have gotten some pieces of furniture that were in my bedroom. I finally get to sleep once again in my old cast iron bed. It brings so many child hood memories and at least it reminds me of home. While packing I found my darling doll Ann. I looked for her every where but I couldn't find her. I thought I had lost here some where but she was at the Manor House waiting for me. I will always cherish this little doll as it belonged to my mother.Ann was such a big piece of my life and there was no way that I could leave her behind. 

There is still so much that still needs to be done and so in the mean time I am still with Quelina. She is not that happy for me to move out. It has been a year since I came to Regent Street and I will be missing not sharing the house with her. Unfortunately Quelina's quarters is pretty much small as well for both of us. I am sure she will get used to it especially when I am practically under her nose. She couldn't have found a better place to stash me in. I love her so much, she is more like a protective mother than a sister.

So this is all for today. Still lots of sewing to do I am glad that Constance is here giving us a helping hand.

Off to bed my dear companion.


Leah xxx

So this is all for today, hope you have liked what I have done so far. Keep tuned for the next up date. 

Take care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I love the hat, the bed and the little fire place. You captured it perfectly. Miss Leah should be proud. Congrates

    1. Thank you so much Marie. I am glad that you liked it. xxx