Saturday, 15 August 2015

No 35, Leah's is finally complete.

Hello my dear friends.

Hope you are all well and doing fine. It has been quite a stressful few days but I think I am managing.

Today I will be sharing with you the last post of this project. Miss Leah has moved into her new home and I just can't believe that this has come to an end.

Miss Leah's Boutique and No. 35

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So as we came to the end of Miss Leah's new home, I have made a miniature Diary that belongs to Miss Leah. I have collected all her diary entries and turned it into a journal which was printed and added it to her bed room. 

Miss Leah's Diary

Inside Miss Leah's Diary
The Best part is that the same diary has been turned into a digital book where you can read it by visiting our blog page Miss Leah's Diary or clicking on this link Miss Leah's Diary

 Firstly I wanted to share Miss Leah's Bed room and her new additions. There was still some work to do in this room. I have added some framed pictures to the wall. Some how they do make a huge difference.

On top of the little desk I added a hanging book case and filled it with books which looks just right for the desk. 

Book shelf
I then started adding accessories to the little desk. My father hand painted the little ink set for the desk and it fitted in perfectly.

Miss Leah's desk
I have also made a little night gown for Miss Leah and placed it on her bed.

Miss Leah's night gown
I have added a blanket chest and decorated it with the same wall paper pattern that also matches her cupboard,

blanket chest

Accessories where also added to the room like the little dog bed for Lulu. She is very happy to be sleeping next to her madam.

Lulu in her new bed
And so the bed room has been complete.

Miss Leah and Lulu

Miss Leah's Bed room

Miss Leah's Diary on her bed

 Like I told you I still added something small to the living room. I have made a small bar of soap and dish cloth which I made out of a man's shirt and added it to the sink.

New accessories to the sink.
Like you all know Miss Leah prepared a small tea party for her sister. Here is the surprise.

Miss Leah's Tea Party

Finally. It was time to light the house up. It is my favorite part to see it lit.

Miss Leah's house lit 

The Bed room's Fire place

The Bed room

Add caption

The Kitchen range

The living room

And here is the final entry from Miss Leah's Diary.

15 th August 1880

Dear Diary,

It has been almost a week since I moved in my new home. It is good to have room where to put all my things without worrying about space. It is good to be independent, looking after your own belongings, sleeping in my own bed. The first few days were quite hard. I missed the company of Quelina, waking up to the smell of her breakfast and chatting with her. I am glad that Lulu is here with me. The little thing has settled in lovely. I guess she was used to the home already. She slept in her basket without any problems.

Even though Quelina and I live in a separate house, she definitely made it a point that we won’t lose sight of each other. Every single morning before she opens the shop she pops in to make sure that I am up and not running late. In the afternoon we go shopping together groceries and even stop for some tea at Manuel’s. In the evening we have dinner together, mainly at her house. I think she is afraid of eating my food.

Today I surprised her. I asked to come over to help me out and when she came she found the dining table set for a small tea party between sisters. It was a small celebration for the new house as I wouldn’t have done it without her. We had sponge, scones, sandwiches and jam tarts. She loved it. Now I hope that she can trust me with food. Matty is away in Madrid. I am sure he would have loved it. Father will come over for my birthday which is round the corner. I hope that Matty will be here. I might throw a small party for them and a few friends.

I have been drawing some new designs for new gowns. Madam De France will have to see these. Her opinion has always been fruitful.  So this is all for tonight as tomorrow I have quite a day travelling to the Manor House. We will be having lots of adventures.

Nighty night my companion.


Leah xxx 

So once again I am closing another chapter. I will be missing this project very much indeed as it's been a year since I started the boutique, but I am looking forward to start my new one.

Miss Leah won't be saying good bye to us. We will get to meet her with her friends and family in Regent Street.

I hope you have enjoyed it. Please keep tuned for our next new project. I am really excited about this.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Hi Rebecca! What a lovely ending to Miss Leah's boutique and home. It was real treat to see her entertaining her sister who has been such a great support after Miss Leah arrived to town. It is always to good to have family helping each other out. Miss Leah's home looks warm and cosy and the photo with the lights on inside and the "outdoors" dark really conveyed the sense of welcoming home fires burning on the hearth.
    Welcome Home Miss Leah! :D


    1. Thank you so much my dear Elizabeth for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate it. xxx

  2. Love the whole thing! Miss Leah is so lucky not only to have a lovely house, a faithful companion, but also her caring sister.

    1. Thank you so much Dog-Ma. Yes Miss Leah is very lucky I guess. xxxx

  3. Hi Rebecca, a fabulous project you will be sad to close the door on but I am sure you will be able to visit and play sometime. The diary is just wonderful.

    1. Thanks Janice. Yes it is always sad to say goodbye when your project is complete only that this is only a chapter so we will be meeting Miss Leah in some other project. xxx

  4. Everything fits together like the perfect puzzle; the boutique, Leah's new home and her diary stories. I will be waiting for more from Regent Street.

    1. Thank you so much Marie I am so pleased that you enjoyed them. Yes there will be more stories to Regent Street.

  5. Beautiful! I like the details.

    1. Thank you so much Faby. I am glad that you liked it. xxx