Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Bathroom for the Tudor Manor

Hello everyone,

Once again we are in the first week of the new month of March. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It has been a very exciting week and quite fruitful. I have had a few days off from the office at work so I could work a bit more on my miniatures and my dolls house project. I also wanted to welcome three new followers to my blog; Rebecca Rivera, Sandra and Daria, Welcome!

Bathroom for Tudor Manor

Susan and I
I have been busy decorating the bathroom for the Tudor Manor but before I wanted to tell you that last Wednesday I had a very special guest who wanted to visit me. Her name is Susan Fry who is the owner of Elite Petite Interiors. Susan is an amazing Dolls House interior designer. Over coffee we had a good chat about both our dolls house miniature businesses. shared some experiences and tips, cracked a few jokes and finally Susan got to see all my dolls houses. It was just great to meet my dear friend Susan once again. 

So returning to my vintage dolls house the Tudor Manor this week I got to work a bit on the bathroom. The bathroom is quite narrow. The room only measures 29 cm deep by 17 cm wide. 
The bathroom

Once again another problem not only because the house is not a 12th scale but even as the room in narrow. I figured out that the dolls house some how is a 1:18 scale and not even a 1:16.scale I have tried several 1:12th scale bathrooms and for some reason non of them fitted. A 1930's bathroom set was going to be quite difficult to fit in. It is already a challenge to find the right design for the period. I have searched and searched and turned out empty handed until I came across this miniature bathroom set.

Antique Miniature bathroom set
I found it by chance. Got it only for £15 without even knowing if it would fit or not. I didn't even know what scale it was. The day came when  I got a knock from the postman and this sweet pink ceramic bathroom set arrived. It was just perfect. With the design for the period and all and fitted the room perfectly

The bathroom set fitted in.
Even though it looks like some kids bathroom set with no faucets or detail I was curious about it. There are no cracks or anything and it is in a perfect condition. Something caught my eye about this set as every piece of it was marked with the print "GIVJOY"

Markings on the bathroom set

I have never heard of it before so I have done some research and I was so surprised to find out what was behind the whole set. From what I could understand 'GIVJOY" was a toy company that was established in 1935 and due to the war it was closed 10 years later in 1945. I was just shocked. It is definitely worth more than how much I got it. So the little bathroom set was made withing those 10 years and is over 70 years old. I was really lucky to have found it and it is just right for this vintage dolls house.

As it was most probably a kid's bathroom set I have added some more detail to it. I have added a pair of faucets to the sink basin to match the era.

Faucets to the sink basin
Using polymer clay I have made the flushing with the water drain to add to the little toilet. It's not perfect but I am pleased with it.

Flushing for the toilet

Another minor problem was to find a 1930's faucet set for the bath tub. Like always I came up empty handed to I had to improvise and make one myself. It was not easy to make but I am pleased how it turned out especially after the first trial.

Bath tub faucet set

I have also added a few accessories to the room,

As the bathroom is wall papered I added some embossed pink wall tiles behind the sink and bathtub. I still need to add lighting, a few more polymer clay miniatures to add to the bathroom set and a few more accessories. 

This is how the bathroom looks so far.

Hope you have enjoyed the new additions to this room. Keep tuned for the next updated of this dolls house.

See you soon and take care.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I love all that you did1 Love that pink set!

    1. Thank you so much Lucille. I am pleased you liked

  2. It looks wonderful. What a good job!!

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra. I really appreciate it. xxx