Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sylvanian Families Dolls Houses

Hello everyone,

How are you my dear friends? Did you have a great Easter? Mine was peaceful as always. We had dinner at my in-laws. The children were happy with Easter Bunny's gifts. I also got myself another dolls house that was sent to me from my dear friend Amy. I got myself another Dolls House Emporium  house called The Ocean Drive. It is built and fully furnished and perfect for older children. I am sure my girls will love it. 

Before starting I wanted to also welcome a new follower to my blog Welcome Virginia Hoose and I also wanted to welcome the Google + followers which so far are 80 Welcome.

As Easter was here my girls Raquel and Leah got some more furniture pieces for their Sylvanian Families Houses. The Houses were given to them last Christmas.

As with my last post I shared with you my first dolls house I decided to share my girl's houses. 

The girls just love them. They enjoy playing together and I find that playing with dolls houses is quite beneficial in their upbringing. It is not something that only girls should play with but I think they are quite good for boys. I believe that dolls houses for young kids help them develop certain skills even in their everyday life. I find that through their play time they bring out certain feelings that they are going through in that moment. When the kids play I can see certain similar characteristics and pattern that they are used to in their daily routine. I enjoy playing with them and through play time I can actually teach them what is right or wrong, what is safe and dangerous like in a real house.

Sylvanian Families houses are really cute and have quite some detailed furniture for their furry families. The good thing about these houses that they can be played separately or even joined as one house.

The two houses joined together

Leah has the Cedar Terrace house that for a three year old is just perfect. It has 3 room on top of each other. As usually the girls like to join the houses, Leah's house has a kitchen, the main bedroom and the bathroom on top,

Cedar Terrace House
The rooms are quite spacious. The little bits and pieces have been removed for safety reasons and also a precaution so they won't get lost. I have put them away for safe keeping so when the time comes and the girls are older they can have them.

The first room on the ground floor has a cute country kitchen with a fridge and washing machine.

The Kitchen

Then we have the main bedroom

The Main Bed room

And on the top floor room there is the bathroom.

The Bathroom

We still need to add wall paper, curtains and lights to all these rooms.

Then we have Raquel's Dolls house which is the Beechwood Hall. This is quite a cute house that opens up.  It is a 4 room house with a stair case and a veranda too,

Beechwood Hall
On the top floor we have the children's bed rooms, with bunk beds. They are quite cute and all the children have a bed each even the babies with the triple bunk beds.

The Children's bed room

On the lower grounds we have a nice sitting room with a battery working TV and fire place. In the other room which is the entrance to the house there is a battery working fish tank and piano.

The Sitting room

The Hall
When the houses are joined in the center there is the dining / living area.

The living dining area

Like the other house we still have to add wall paper, curtains and lights. There is so much you could add to these houses that the lists are endless. 

I hope you have enjoyed it. I know it's not really the detailed collectors dolls house but I guess they are still dolls houses and I really hope that they will be cherished one day from my girls as much as I still cherish my very first toy dolls house.

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Keep tuned for the next update on our Vintage dolls house the Tudor Manor which is being decorated in 1930's .

Take care and See you all real soon.




  1. I know your girls will love and cherish it!

  2. I would LOVE to enter your cute little draw - so I hope you'll count me in.
    I have some Sylvanian Families (bunnies, foxies and hedgehogs) myself, but not any houses- I'm going to make some to them in that famous "one day" *grin*
    but I always love to see others houses when ever they share them, so thanks for sharing (^^)
    Hugs, Irina

    1. You are very welcome Irina and off course you were part of the draw. xxx

  3. Those are two beautiful dollhouses. A piece of history. I'm sure every kid and adult will be interested to visit them. Your photos are really good. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Drora. I am pleased you liked them xxx

  4. Beautiful houses and family.

  5. I had a Tomy dollhouse years ago and loved playing with it and spent lots of time moving things around and creating things from clay to add to it. I bet your kids will do the same! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    1. Thank you Jenny. I really hope that they will keep them. Your first dolls house will always have a special place in your heart. xxx

  6. Your girls must love these! My niece has a small house of Sylvania Families and she is always fussing over it. Your girls are lucky to have a mummy like you.

    1. Thank you so much Denise for your kind words xxx

  7. Wow! What a beautiful dollhouse. :) I wish I was a child again. :) I think this is a wonderful gift for you children.

    1. Thank you Meli. Let's hope that they will cherish it like I did. xxx