Saturday, 7 May 2016

Rose Cottage - Another Vintage Dolls House

Hello my dear friends,

How are you all? Hope you are having a blissful weekend. On the whole everything seems pretty much the same. The weather though is just not what I am hoping for. It's May and we're suppose to have sunshine and warmth, but it seems that as we didn't get a real Winter and it barely rained, now we are having strong winds and rain. I am telling you Mother Nature is playing some wired tricks on us.

Before starting I wanted to welcome a new follower to our blog. Welcome Kaos Krew! I am also pleased to say that we have reached over 730 members in My Miniature World Group on Facebook.

Today unfortunately I won't be sharing the update on The Tudor Manor but I am really excited to share with you my new dolls house. Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to present Rose Cottage.

Rose Cottage
 This is another jewel added to my crown collection of the Dolls House Emporium dolls houses. Rose Cottage is another vintage dolls house which goes back to the 1980's. When Rose Cottage was out in the market it was the smallest dolls house they offered. It is three roomed, spacious and has a good size. 

Rose Cottage was perfect for a beginner or just to be added to your collection. Here is a picture of it from a Dolls House Emporium Catalog. In this picture there is my dear friend Amy Purser and both her younger sisters with a family friend.

I can't believe that I have actually found one of these in such a good condition. 

The previous owner must have loved this dolls house dearly but some how she felt that she had to part from it. I promised her that it would be cherished and loved. I told her that it will be part of quite a big collection.

Finally last Wednesday it arrived safely with all it's accessories and furniture.  As I predicated the dolls house was loved and looked after. For it's age it is what I call immaculate.

The previous owner had decorated it quite nicely. Very classical and just right for the small dolls house. 

Here are some pictures of how she had decorated it.

I am also glad that she also kept the original name of the dolls house Rose Cottage. As you can see there is a name plaque by  the door.

Name Plaque
As the dolls house included the furniture and accessories I have fell in love with some very nice pieces that came with it. 

It also came with the two dolls. I am quite unfamiliar with these. There faces seem to be made out of fabric and their features are painted. I have never seen anything like them. If anyone has some information please enlighten me.

For the time being I won't be doing anything to it. I will be renovating it a bit, most likely refreshing it. I will keep the Classical Victorian look. I already have some good ideas what I want for it. As the house never came with a staircase there is a good chance that I will be adding some interior fake doors on the back walls just to give the illusion that it leads to a stair case. I will be adding real lights and some curtains. Most probably I will be changing a few pieces of the furniture.

I can't bare seeing a dolls house empty. So this is how I have decorated it with a few of the same pieces of furniture and accessories. I have also added some nursery furniture on the top room. 

Most probably I will start working on it after summer time. As soon as I am done with Tudor Manor, I am hoping to start some renovation works on The Summer House. Knowing me, by that time I would have changed my mind on the style and how I would like to decorate it.

Before closing this post today, as here in Malta we are celebrating Mother's Day. I wish all mothers, mothers to be and wonderful ladies who love and give as much as a mother a Wonderful Mother's Day.  I wish you my dear friends the best.

So this is all for today. I really hope that next time we'll meet I will be sharing a new update on Tudor's Manor unless something else crops up. So keep tuned for more.

Take care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. They are Vintage Erna Meyer dollhouse dolls. I have a family and house like yours but I didn't decorate mine so well, and the outside is unfinished. Thank you for showing your house it's so beautiful❣

    1. Thank you so much Sandra and thank you for the information on the dolls I am so impressed with them. They go way back. The company started in 1949.

  2. Happy Mothers Day to you ❣

    1. Thank you Sandra hope you enjoyed your day too. xxx

  3. Very beautiful house, furniture and accessories.

    1. Thank you Faby. I am really pleased that you liked them