Sunday, 4 September 2016

End of Summer Miniature Fairy Garden

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. This weekend I just simply wanted to take it easy and relax. September started and by now some of you might already know that it's my worst month of the year. I don't know why it effects me so much knowing that the kids will start their new scholastic year. I guess it is just me being a mum and every minute is precious with the children. Also I wanted to welcome a new follower to the blog. Welcome Gloria Miniatures.

Today I wanted to share with you something a bit different from the normal. Yes just my miniature gardening. After all it is still a miniature.

End of Summer Miniature Fairy Garden
September always comes with a bang not only for my mood swings but even for the weather. September is the month where all hell breaks loose. Yes you wake up in the morning the sun is shining just like the rest of the Summer and all of a sudden you get one hell of a thunder and rain storm. The type of storm that you don't want especially when you are not prepared for it at all.

Any way, I have taken it upon myself that I won't worry about it when it happens just by preparing for it in the beginning of the month. I make sure that the terraces are all clean, No toys, furniture, animals are out. I also clean up my roof garden, remove most of the Summer Flowers, put away all the pots for next year and just keep the strongest of plants which in this case are the succulents. Where I live, especially so close to the sea and strong winds are inevitable, they are the best.

Today was gardening day for me. I had one extremely large pot, It is around 50 cm diameter from the opening and I was hoping that I would make some sort of fairy garden with it. So I filled it up with a mixture of soil and peat. I have used a ice cream container just for size to see if I could use some sort of garden ornament with the small plants.

I saved some of the ones I had and got some new succulents to add. There is quite a variety to choose from.

I re-potted them all in the  pot. You can see a smaller container in the center. This is to give an indication where not to place the plants.

When those were settled. I know what I had in mind but knowing my luck I wasn't going to find it in a blink of an eye. I have seen so many pretty fairy gardens with houses and pretty stuff, I just didn't know what I was going to add. An idea came to my that's a surprise!!!! I remember that we had some sort of an old ornament in the shape of a house that we had in our old fish tank. I remember my husband, Gilbert removing it from the fish tank over a year ago because it took so much space and it didn't look nice like it used to. So I fetched out and gave it a new paint job and sealed it with varnish.

When that was dry I have placed in the center of the pot.

Still it need something more so I added some pebbles around.

Hmmm.....still not enough! I remembered that I had a pair of fairies made out of resin. Only God knows from where they came from, but I thought they would make a nice addition to the pot. I also added a pair of old toad stools that I made with polymer clay.

I was thrilled with the out come. 

I found one of these solar led lights. They are quite nice and have the right size to be placed in a pot. So I thought of adding one to the garden. After all the fairies need some light too.

They do give a nice glow.

These below two pictures were taken in the dark so you can see the light on.

So this is all for today. I hope you like my new Miniature Fairy garden. We have a new miniature tutorial coming up soon so keep tuned.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. So pretty. It amazes me how you can see a miniature in everything.

    1. Thank you Marie I guess I have a habit of doing that.