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Autumn Pumpkin Tea Pot - Tutorial

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How are you all? Hope you are all fine. Sorry for not posting any sooner. What can I say...too many things happening at once. It's what I would say madness, but finally I am getting back to normal. October has started and we are now in Autumn. October is a very special month. On the 1st, I celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary. I can't even believe it. Where did the years go? On the 4th my 1st princess Raquel, who is my second born baby celebrated her 7th birthday. Hubby has been busy as ever with the new property and well me???? I am assuming you already know. My Miniature World Shop at etsy has been extremely busy. We are introducing new products and I am really exciting to launch our new line. Rose Cottage is almost done. I have decided to make a Diorama for The Queen Mary's Bedroom Collection and finally I will also start working on the new project which will be part of Regent Street. Miss Leah has found a handsome gentleman.

Before I start I wanted to welcome seven new followers to my blog; Mandy, Pilar Garcia, Suzanne Sumrow, Teresa del Rio, Rosa Ma, Susanne Samuelsz and Gloria Cormick. A Big Welcome to All! Thank you all for your support. I am very pleased to say that we have reached over 200 followers on the blog and over 120 follower at Google +

Free Give Away Winner!
Today we have the Big announcement of our Winner for our Free miniature Readable Book called The Three Little Kittens. So today's Lucky Winner is Irina Saarenmaki. Well done Irina! Please contact me by sending me a message or email with your details so I can send it to you. To the others I want to thank you all for participating but please don't give up for in November and also December we will be have more free giveaways, so make sure to keep any eye out!

Time for some Halloween Spookiness! A few months ago I was asked to make a miniature Tutorial for the American Miniaturist Magazine. As it was for the October / November issue I decided to go for an Autumn miniature which can also be used for Halloween. For those who don't have a copy here is the tutorial.

The Tutorial that I shared was how to make a Pumpkin Halloween Tea Pot. Here is the article which was published on the magazine called It's Time for a mini tea party

Article on American Miniaturist 

The tutorial is very simple and it's perfect for a beginner.

What you need
All you need is a ball of orange polymerclay, some green or brown polymerclay, a needle tool, a ball end tool, a small circular cutter and pastel colors to add the details. Some of you might not have these tools but don’t fret you might have household things that will do the trick. Instead of a needle tool you can you a tooth pick. Instead of the ball end tool you can use the end of a thin paint brush. Instead of the circular cutter you can you the top of a biro or pen. So there you go.

Step 1
First take your orange clay, work it like a piece of do and turn it into a 1.5 cm ball. Flatten the ball slightly to make it look more like a pumpkin shape.

Step 2
Using the ball end tool make a slight dent in the top center and another one in the bottom center. These will help you to identify the upwards of your pumpkin and will also guide you when you come to do dent in the lines.

Step 3
Using the needle tool, dent down the pumpkin into section from the top to the bottom. You will be having around 8 sections.  When you have finished making the sections add random dented lines around to add more detail.

Step 4
Using a circular shape cutter or biro top dent slightly press down on the top of the pumpkin. This will give the illusion of the teapot lid. Don’t press down too hard as you will lose the shape of your pumpkin. 

Step 5
To make the teapot spout roll out another piece of clay around 1 cm wide and 3 mm tick. You have to make one of the sides thinner than the other.  

Step 6
Shape it in to a tea pot spout and stick it on the front of your pumpkin the way you want it.  Try to blend in the edges so it will look part of the pumpkin using a ball end tool.

Step 7
To make the teapot handle roll out another piece of clay around 2 cm wide and 2 mm tick. Make sure you stick the handle parallel to the spout.  

Step 8
First stick the top end of the handle, shape it and stick the end part to the bottom. If it comes longer than it should you can always cut out the left over or you can use it to decorate more your teapot handle with a curl. Make sure that the handles and secured in place. Just like the spout you can blend them in with the pumpkin. 

Step 9
The final piece to the tea pot is the handle on the lid. Get the small piece of green or brown clay that you want to use. I like using them both by marbling them together.  Roll out a 1 cm log. One of the ends has to be slightly thinner than the other and it will look nicer if the tip was pointy.

Step 10
Stick the thick part of the log in the center on top of the pumpkin and bend it or curve it the way you like.

Step 11
To add more detail to your pumpkin brush in some pastel color. I like to add Autumn colors such as burgundy, red, yellow, browns and a little green.

Step 12
When you are pleased with your pumpkin you can than bake it in the oven. Always bake according to the instructions of the clay’s manufacture. 

There you have your Halloween Pumpkin Tea Pot.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. I have used this little teapot in one of my Halloween Projects which you can see.

Halloween Project
So this is all for today. Next time I will be sharing with a glimpse of the Diorama of The Queen Mary's Bed Room. I am really excited about it and I can't wait to start it. So keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and See you all soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Thanks for the tutorial! It's so cute :)

  2. Thank you for your lovely tutorial. The pumpkin teapot is very cute.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winner and thank you for the tutorial. Hugs, Melli

    1. You are very welcome Meli. We will be having another giveaway very soon. xxx

  4. Molto utile e molto carino, grazie per il tutorial... una abbraccio

    1. Grazie mille. Sono contenta che ti piaccia. Abbracci caldi xxx