Sunday, 30 October 2016

Closing the doors to Rose Cottage

Hello everyone.

How was your weekend? Hope you have enjoyed it. We had quite a bad storm. The sea was extremely rough, strong winds and some rain. I didn't mind it. After all we were waiting for it for quite some time. 

Today I worked on the last additions to Rose Cottage and once again I am closing the door to another project. There is always that pang when I come to close a project. Even if this dolls house was small and I worked mostly on the decor and making miniatures, it still gives me that sad feeling. This dolls house was special because I got to include my girls especially little Leah. Raquel does like dolls houses and she does enjoy her time with me when it comes to miniature making but I can see the difference between my girls. When I see Leah who is only 4 years old I can tell that she is more into them than her 7 year old sister. I can see it in full 'HD' that Leah has the dolls house gene that I had at her age and maybe even more than I did. Most probably if I had one of parents who was involved in dolls houses it would have been more easier for me to start but I have to say I can't complain. The love for dolls houses didn't take long for it to flourish. I am really glad that I get to share my hobby with my children. Both Matthias and Raquel tend to be drawn to their father's gadgets and technology. Leah is more involved in crafts and is eager to participate with me.  She doesn't leave my side until I am done with what I am doing. She asks questions and wants to know about everything. Rose Cottage was the first dolls house that I really let them handle and play with. It was just perfect for them. I am really pleased how it turned out and so proud of the girls helping out.

Finishing off Rose Cottage

Today was curtain making for all the the windows. The bathroom curtain was done a few weeks ago but today I got to make the curtains for the bedroom and the kitchen. Leah was helping out by sticking them to the window.

Curtain making

The kitchen curtain was done in  light blue gingham material with matching frills.

Kitchen Curtains
For the bedroom curtains I used the same material that I used for the bedding. They look really pretty.

Bedroom Curtains

For some reason I like dolls houses with curtains. They look whole especially when you look at the dolls house from the outside. 

Rose Cottage from outside

Then it was time to get the electricity fitted and connected to the power. I always leave the electricity for the last bit. It gives that special feeling when closing a project.

In the kitchen I got to add some more accessories too.

 The bed room looks pretty much the same.

And finally the bathroom....

The last touch was to paint the plastic portico of both window and the door on the outside of the house. They were never painted and as they are made out of plastic, with age they tend to turn yellowish. 

So this closes the door to Rose Cottage. Hope you have enjoyed  it and liked the new look to the house. 

So for the next project we will be having the Queen Mary's Bedroom Diorama. I am really looking forward to start it off and I have so much tell you about this room. So make sure you keep tuned for the next update of the new project.

Before Closing I want to wish you all a Happy Spooky Halloween from the Witch's Den in the Magical Mystery Tower. 

Take Care and see you all soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Rebecca, what will you do with the house now that it is finished? It is lovely, a lot of time put into it.I like to watch the progress step by step. One question, you mentioned that you do the electric last. Isn't it harder to hide wires, etc? Marilyn

    1. Hi Marilyn thank you for your kind comments. Now that it is ready I will let it handy for the girls to see and touch. It will be moved to the new premises to be exhibited with the rest of the collection. So the answer to your questions. When I meant about fixing the electricity I didn't mean the actual ceiling and wall lights in the room. Those are done in the first steps. What I meant is attaching the wiring at the back with the copper tape. It takes me a couple of hours to do but I think it looks much neater that using the electrical strip. Hugs xxx

  2. Las cortinas han sido el final perfecto para esa preciosa casa,enhorabuena,gran trabajo!!!

    1. Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. Estoy muy contento de que te haya gustado. Ahora estoy deseando que llegue el nuevo proyecto. abrazos xxx

  3. The cottage is beautiful, I liked all the tiny details in the kitchen and other rooms. You have such a talent for all this :)) I look forward to the next project.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am also looking forward to the next project xxxx

  4. Semplice e molto graziosa complimenti