Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Rose Cottage - The Living Area

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you are all doing well. Another week has gone by. The weather is still pretty much the same. Still the same; sunny and hot. Hopefully in the next couple of days we are waiting for some sort of storm. There are big chances that it won't even reach us. I don't mind a good storm as long as me and my family are in the house.  The kids have settled to their school routine and I am back being the normal me. I am really excited about the new premises and I can't wait to post some photos of it....but just not yet! ;-) Before I start I wanted to welcome a new follower to my blog; Welcome Lee Higings!

Today I wanted to share with you The Living area of Rose Cottage. More or Less it is more of a Kitchen but as the dolls house just has three rooms well we have to combine them.

The Living Area in 
 The thing about this dolls house is that I am not spending anything on it and it is just great. The furniture and accessories are all items that I had stashed and have fitted so well in this house. As the style of the dolls house is more of a kids dolls house I didn't want to go over serious but just pretty with detail. The best thing is that my girls helped to decorate. I practically gave them a box of furniture and some accessories and let them enjoy it. I think this house, even if  it is completely part of my collection, it has been an introduction to the girls in the world of the collector's dolls house. Little Leah also has confidence of opening the front just to look at it.

Even if the girls had a ball with the house, there is always my last arrangements and touches. As you could see I  had added a false room at the back and added a false ceiling so I could add a ceiling light.

The room came with a chimney breast. It wasn't really my choice but as it is stuck to the wall I didn't want to risk the wall paper so I guess I had to adapt to it. I had a smaller sink fitted in which has been just perfect for this room. I have added an open dresser and added some miniature ceramics that I had since the beginning of my hobby. Both the sink and dresser fitted in perfectly against the back wall. Just on top of the sink I added a wall shelf with accessories.

I had the perfect oven for the chimney surroundings and added more accessories to it.

As it was the living room I added a small sofa and decorated the wall with some frames and another open shelf.

In the center of the room I went for a small dining table and chairs and I was quite happy with the room.

Still the room could have afforded that little extra detail. So I have decided to make food preparation on the table. I enjoy adding my own polymer clay miniatures and I decided to go for Apple Pie making.

I just love it. Even if it takes me hours to finish off, it is always worth it at the end. So for the setting I totally went for the preparation. The dough flattened and there is another ball waiting to be flattened to be turned into a pie. We have the apple mixture in a ceramic bowl. A bag of flour, a ceramic jug of milk. A few more apples, one cut in half and another is already pealed. We have a pie already baked and a small piece of pie cut for the Mr. to try. Oh yes almost forgot and we have the egg yolks in a bowl and the broken shells by the side. Oh dear! The Mrs. had an accident. She must have dropped one of the eggs on the surface. Well what can I say all the miniatures were done by me except for the rolling pin.

Apple Pie preparation

Flattening the dough

Apple mixture and bag of flour

The ready made pie with the cut out piece


Egg yolks in bowl

Broken egg shells and egg
The food preparation was just right for the room and gave it that extra detail. With it, it didn't look childish anymore.

The setting in the room
And so with this the kitchen is pretty much complete. Here are some pictures of it all done.

So this is all for today. Next time I will be posting about the bedroom in Rose Cottage which will complete the house. So keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and see you soon.


Rebecca xxx