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Several Dolls House projects created by Rebecca Micallef have had articles published in various Dolls House and local Magazines and Books. There are interviews featured on TV and Social Media.

Now you can visit the 'Life & Style' TV Shows to see the progress on a few projects. 

You can visit all these by clicking on the below link posts.  


                                    OneTV - March 2021

Interview by 'The People of Malta', July 2018

An Exlusive Interview with Rebecca Micallef - J.R. Art Gallery by the Dolls House Emporium Oct 2017

Articles and Features on Magazines

Milly at My Miniature World Article on Endora Fashion Doll Magazine Issue 5 September 2021

Mini Scoop featuring the Launch and opening of My Miniature Worold on American Miniaturist Magazine October 2018

Rebecca Micallef - The Dolls House Builder - Interview on The Maltese Magazine GWIDA - 15th August 2018

A Gallery full of Miniature Art - American Miniaturist Magazine May 2018

It's Time for Tea - Make a quick and easy Snowman teapot for a Winter Scene - American Miniaturist Magazine December 2017

Take A Guided Tour through Rebecca's Regent Street - DollsHouse World Magazine April 2017 Issue 295

Objects of Desire - Miniature Feature - The Dolls' House Magazine January 2017

A Charming Historic Cottage - Dollhouse Miniatures Jan/Feb 2017

A Special Magic in Santa's Workshop - Dollshouse World January 2017

It's Time for a mini Tea Party - Pumpkin Tea Pot tutorial - American Miniaturist Oct/Nov 2016

   Enjoy a Warm cup of Tea Tutorial - Dollhouse Miniatures Sep / Oct 2016

                                                                                                                                                                          My Miniature World Blog - Dolls House and Miniature Scene August 2016

We have two dolls houses; The Tudor Manor and Butterfly Cottage featured.

Book was published in June 2016

Featuring The Sitting Room in our Sea View

Published February 2013

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