Monday, 19 March 2018

Adding More to The Master Swordsmen Pub & Inn

Hello Everyone,

How are yo all? Hope you have enjoyed your weekend. It was a great one for me. Apart from working on lots of miniatures for clients, I still found the right amount of time for my own miniature project. I loved every moment of it and I'm going to share what I have been up to. Before I start I wanted to welcome the new followers to my blog.  Welcome!

I have worked a little bit more on the bar area of The Master Swordsmen Bar & Inn. 

The Master Swordsmen Pub & Inn. 

After getting a few supplies, I was very curious how the bar area would look like. I ordered all the furniture pieces in bare wood so I could match the same coloring of the fireplace and wall paneling.  It is always the same problem, You imagine one thing and as soon as you start filling the room with furniture you get a different picture.

I knew that the bar area was going to be a challenge and I couldn't find a ready made bar counter to fit so I took some measurements and did one myself. 

Once the counter was ready. I just spread out the furniture pieces around to have a good idea of how I wanted it to look. Space is always an issue. I was sure that underneath the staircase I wanted shelving for the bar. 

The under stairs were going to be the biggest challenge of all. A challenge that I wasn't going to give up on that easily. For some reason, I din't like how the stairs and landing joined. There wasn't that continuity of the stairs to the landing so that was something that needed to be changed. I took a few measurements and started sketching. The first two sketches were a complete mess, a total embarrassment, until I figured out what I had to do. Finally, today I got to finish the shelving underneath the staircase which also has a wine rack. 

I was thrilled with the final result. I manage to make the staircase, the landing and the shelving as a whole unit. What I liked the most was that even if it looked simple it looked sturdy and complimented the bar counter. I got to add a few accessories to the shelving. Not completely happy as I still need to add more shelving to the side.  

The bar counter definitely needed something more, I darkened the stain and managed to decorate it with some jewelry findings. 

The fireplace got it's basket with coal which fitted the surronding perfectly and eventually it will be lit. 

I stained the chairs, stools and tables to match with the rest of the furniture. Very disappointed with the upholster of the chairs.  They looked cheep and definitely didn't match the room.

I had to change the fabric of the chairs and also trimmed them with a very fine bronze braid. 

The fabric blended in nicely with the room. The chairs looked more classy and rich. Using the same fabric I also upholstered the seats of the bar stools. 

And this is how the room looks like so far. There is still lots to do, but I'm pleased with the outcome so far. 

I'm sure in the long run, there will be some changes but for now it will do. 

Hope you like what I have done so far. I can't wait to continue working on this project. Keep tuned for the next update. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I love how the upholstery complements the wood color! The bar's looking great.

  2. I love the way it looks from every angle!! The chairs looked awful in their original state, but you managed to transform them into something beautiful. It takes a lot of skill for that!! Not to mention the bar with all its wonderful details!!!!

    1. Thank you so much José for your kind words, I'm so glad you liked it. xxx

  3. Me gusta mucho! Has combinado los muebles de una manera armoniosa,el mostrador te ha quedado genial y las sillas,que originalmente se veían muy feas,las has dejado perfectas.El rincón,debajo de la escalera,muy bien aprovechado.
    Y la chimenea trasmite una sensación de ser acogida en el fantástico bar!

    1. Muchas gracias. Estoy contento de que te haya gustado. Abrazos xxx

  4. Has logrado unificar los muebles con gran acierto.
    Esta quedando genial.
    Un abrazo

  5. It's really coming together. I love your bar. :)

    1. Thank you so much. I'm pleased that you like the bar x