Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Completing The Parlour in The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. It been quite busy here like always. Today it's been raining quite heavy. Quite strange for August I would say, but I think having such a hot and dry summer, mother nature, has been kind to provide us with some rain.  

I have been working a little on the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn and now I can say I have completed the Parlour. I totally love this room especially with it's final touches.

The Parlour in The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn
There is a new guest at the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn. Everyone, meet Mr. Fletcher Oaks. He is another handsome doll made by my favorite doll maker Beverly Senatore. 

Mr. Fletcher Oaks is British and he is in his early fifties. He is married and has two beautiful daughters. He lives on the outskirts of London.  He has just visited the Pub & Inn to meet Madam Arabella Barrett. At her age, Madam Barrett can't travel as frequent as she used to. As she is living and spending most of her time in Regent Street, looking after the business, Mr. Fletcher Oaks looks after her estates. The parlour is the best place to have a quiet chat over a glass of wine. 

I have also added the last few details to the room. One of the things that I definitely wanted to change was the library. I hated the covers of the books that were put on the shelves. I got myself busy by counting the books that I used. There are 28 big books and 24 smaller ones. I took the measurements and printed book covers accordingly.

Then very patiently, I covered every single book. The books definitely looked much better with their new cover. 

The bookcase looks more realistic now with the new book covers.

The coffee table looked quite plain with just the wine glasses so I made a few Victorian style pastries with fancy icing. These kind of pastries were very common in the period especially during a high tea or offered when unexpected guests arrived. The tiny pastries were made out of polymer clay. 

They are nothing special, but they fit the part well.

The final addition to the room were the two sabers or what we call curved dress swords that I have placed near the picture of my father on the fire place mantel. These were hand painted by the 'Maestro' himself.

Here are a few pictures of the complete room.

This is all for today. I hope you like the Parlour as much as I do. I will keep you posted with the new updates on this project and with the ongoing news at My Miniature World, so make sure to keep tuned. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. WOW, simply WOW!!! I totally love every detail of this room, including the dolls and everything else in it!! As always, you went out of your way to give the room its beauty and authenticity! That's what I appreciate so much about your work: you take your time to make sure everything fits together, and do whatever is necessary to create a perfect piece!! Like me, you're not happy until you feel like you've given the best you can give. And the love with which it was done can be seen dripping off the walls. Your father will definitely be very proud with this tribute!

    1. Aww my dear José, I don't have words to thank you enough for your encouraging comments. It did take me awhile to finish but it was definitely worth the wait. I am really pleased that you liked it. xxxxx

  2. It's the details that make it perfect. You are right, the new book covers are way more realistic.
    And the little pastries are yet another touch that fits right in.
    This room is exceptional!

    1. Thank you so much Veronique. I am so pleased that you liked it. Xxx