Friday, 24 August 2018

Adding the last touches to the Guest Room

Hello everyone,

Just popping in for a quick update on the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn. Hope you are all well and that you had a great week. I'm quite busy and still can't believe that today week I will be having the launch on My Miniature World Exhibition. I want to thank you all for your warm wishes and private messages. Thank you for your encouragement and support. It's been a long way but finally it's here and I hope that I will make it to the finishing line. I also want to welcome the new followers to the blog. Welcome! and I hope you will find it interesting. 

I am working hard on the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn as I really wish to finish it before next week. So far it's looking promising. Today I will be sharing with you the complete guest room with the additional accessories and details. 

The guest room needed just a few more details that I wanted to add. The first thing that I wanted to do was make more paintings on the wall as they looked quite bare. 

I have used canvas like always and went for antique sword fighting themed paintings. 

I didn't go for fancy frames. I just wanted to add a bit more with simple accessories being the guest room. 

I decorated the dressing table with some accessories too and with perfume bottles that I made using jewelry beads. 

To the glass door panels of the wardrobe I added lace curtains which were very common in the Victorian period. 

I made a couple of clocks using buttons and one of them was set in the guest room and the other in the pub.

The final touches was the bed side table which definitely looks much better with a bottle of water and a glass. A lamp shade and a book. 

I think Mrs. Charlotte Perkins will enjoy her stay at The Master Swordsman Pub & Inn. 

I hope you like the complete guest room. I am quite happy with the outcome of the room. It looks just right. Make sure to keep tuned for the next update on the Master Swordsman Pub & Inn and for more exciting news. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Has creado una habitación de invitados muy acogedora,yo creo que nadie querrá marcharse de ella!!!!

  2. Very welcoming guest room, I would love to stay there! All the little touches give it a cosy feel.
    By the way, I love Ms Perkins' travel bag!

    Have a great opening!!


    1. Thank you so much Veronique for your sweet comments and best wishes. I am so pleased that you like it. xxx

  3. Love the gorgeous details, all very realistic and wonderfully crafted!! It's your attention for details that make your doll houses stand out!!! This is a very cosy room indeed!! Where can I make a reservation :)

    1. Thank you so much José for your kind words. I really appreciate it and I am very happy that you like it. As for the reservation, you can give me your details of when you would like to visit and I will take care of the rest ;-)