Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Traditional Dolls House - The Bathroom

Hello Everyone,

Here we are once again! Hope you all had a great weekend and started the new year as you hoped for. 

I have continued working from where I left off last year, and worked on Leah's dolls house 'The Traditional'.  The little girl is very eager for her dolls house so today we spent the afternoon working on the bathroom. 

The Bathroom
As the basement was complete, we started working on the four roomed house, which will have a bathroom, a study, a bedroom and a nursery.  Leah wanted to start working on the bathroom. 

The first thing to work on was the flooring for both the bathroom and the study as both rooms are combined. 

Leah had picked up a nice wall paper for her bathroom, which I totally agreed with her on that.  The little girl was so attentive at what mummy was doing while pasting the flooring and wall paper. 

When the walls were all done, we chose a ceiling light. I showed her a couple of lights that I had and being the girl that she is, she went for a pink ceiling light. I have to admit it does look nice in the room and with a couple of pink additions like towels, soaps and maybe even the carpet, they will blend in nicely with the wall paper. 

The room still needs it's skirting and cornice but Leah insisted that she wanted to try her bathroom set. I gave her the box with the bathroom pieces and she was really happy adding the set to the room. 

Seeing Leah adding the pieces to the room made me happy but what really made my heart skip a beat when I saw her looking at the room briefly and changing the position of the bathroom set in different places. I could see that she wasn't happy with her first setting, so she studied the room and tried again. That would definitely be me or any other miniaturist I would say. So here I am beaming with pride. 

I have to admit she did an amazing job. 

We have taken some points of what we would be needing for the bathroom. I gave her a few ideas what we could add. I had a couple of towels just to add for the time being and she was happy with it. 

Both Leah and I are very happy with the outcome and I am looking forward to continue working on the other rooms with her. 

This is all for today. I hope you like the new bathroom. Keep tuned for the next update on the Traditional Dolls house. 

Take Care and See You Soon


Rebecca xxx


  1. This looks beautiful! And I can imagine how happy and proud you were to see little Leah so enthousiastic!!! She's follow in your footsteps for sure!! Congratulations!! x

    1. Thank you so much my dear José for your kind words. I really hope that little Leah will follow in my footsteps.

  2. Los colores del baño son muy bonitos y veo que Leah tiene ese espíritu de miniaturista que le hace mirar con otros ojos,es maravilloso!!!

    1. Thank you so much Pilar for your wonderful comments. Much appreciated.

  3. How lovely to share this with your little girl!

    1. Thank you Veronique. It is lovely to share it with Leah. x