Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Completing The Miniaturist Room and The Kitchen - Part 5 on Life & Style

Hello everyone,

Here we are once again! Had a short break during Easter were I got to spend some time with the kids during their school break. Still I have managed to fit in my miniature work and also work on The Miniaturist Project. 

Two weeks ago I have shared the complete project of The Miniaturist on the Life & Style TV Show on Net TV.

The kitchen still needed some work. I wanted to add a few more details of my own. 

The first thing that I wanted to do was to modify the kitchen sink. I just couldn't imagine a Victorian kitchen having those shiny silver water taps, drain and even the legs that the sink stood on. I painted and weathered them to look more realistic and added my own personal touch of soapy water. 

What's a kitchen without food? I got myself busy with polymer clay. I did a stew preparation display including the loaf of bread.

In the introduction of the program I got to share all the little items that needed to be added to the kitchen. 

Here is the complete kitchen.

With that the room box was complete. The Miniaturist Project also came with the front which had two windows. I made some curtains for the windows to match the rooms. 

The nice thing about this project that it was never meant to stand alone as room box. The project was designed to be part of The Library; The Dickens Book Shop. 

I got to share the complete rooms together on the show too. Charles and I always have time to crack jokes during the show. 

Here is how The Miniaturist and The Dickens Book Shop look together which now stand proudly in my Regent Street in My Miniature World dolls house collection. 

Hope you like how this project turned out. 

This Friday at 12:45 pm  I will get to share the new project on Life & Style TV Show on Net TV. After all the whole project is not all done yet. There will be an additional room right on top of The Miniaturist. I can't wait to share it with you, so make sure to keep tuned for the next update. 

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Felicidades por tus trabajos son estupendos, eres una buena embajadora de las miniaturas:-)

  2. Por fin vemos la obra al completo y terminada.
    Felicidades, son una belleza para disfrutar de ellas.
    Un saludo.

    1. Thank you so much Marian, glad you like it xxxx

  3. I love your Victorian kitchen. It looks fabulous and in great style. The floor and wall tiles are fantastic. Your collection of dollhouses is simply stunning!

    1. Thank you so much Drora for your kind words. Xxxx

  4. That kitchen is wonderful; so meticulously done in every detail! For some reason I love the way the potatoes and carrots came out, very realistic, great job!!!

    1. Thank you so much José. I really appreciate it!