Monday, 20 May 2019

The Miniaturist's Bedroom - Part 2 on Life & Style

Hello everyone,

Here I am once again with a new update on The Miniaturist project. Hope you are all doing well and had a great weekend. Finally mother nature has blessed us with some sunshine.

Over a week ago,  I got to share the progress of the inside of the roof on the 'Life & Style' TV Show on Net TV.

As a few of you already know that the roof of the building will be turned into The Miniaturist's Bedroom which will be part of the other room boxes The Dickens Book Shop and The Miniaturist.

I started by decorating the bedroom with the wall paper that I printed and chose a pink marbled tiled flooring.

I liked the combination of the wallpaper and the flooring together especially when I pictured the room with wood paneling. The paneling gave the room more warmth. I also added a false door on the back wall. Just like the Miniaturist room box, the door gives the room more depth and the illusion that behind the door there is this imaginary staircase or other rooms.

Once the paneling and door were stained, I wanted to add a corner fireplace to the room. I had a very cheap fireplace which I never bothered to use, but adding more to it and building a wooden surround around it, made a huge difference. Finally I found a place for it in this project. An additional wall was needed for the fireplace to be placed in the corner.

After the fire place was set in place, I worked on the ceiling and the lighting and by doing so, the room was all set for its furniture and accessories.

I started working on the first furniture piece which was the wardrobe. I wanted it to be as unique as possible, rich in color and that stands out. This is what I have managed to achieve.

For the show I wanted to add something more and I added a few hanging dresses within the wardrobe I thought it would give that little extra detail to the wardrobe itself. I got myself busy and made three simple dresses on hangers.

The last piece of furniture that I worked on was the desk which opens up as a dressing table with a matching chair. I totally loved how this turned out.

Finally it was time to share all this on the 'Life & Style' TV Show with Charles Saliba and Marbeck Spiteri.

Here is the Video Clips during the show.

I am really happy how the room has turned out. These are a few more pictures of the bedroom.

I hope you like the room so far. I can't wait to have it all done with the remaining pieces and accessories. Keep tuned for the next update on the progress of the Miniaturist's Bedroom.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. I love the room with its panels. The fireplace. Wardrobe and desk all turned out gorgeous. Great work, as usual.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you so much Drora. I am really glad you like it. xxx

  2. Genial como siempre, Rebecca! Especialmente el armario con los ángeles me parece una preciosidad; va a quedar una habitación encantadora. Felicidades! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. xxx

  3. Beautiful room. The wardrobe is enchanting.

  4. I saw how the room was turned into something really beautiful, step by step, one wonderful piece of furniture at the time. Well done, Rebecca!!

    1. Indeed you have José. I am thrilled that you liked it so much. Thank you so much!!!