Friday, 19 July 2019

The Start of a New Project - Pembroke Grange

Hello everyone,

Finally Friday! I hope you all had a great week. I am so looking forward to the weekend as I have so much to do especially on my new project. 

Last weekend I got to start my new dolls house project called Pembroke Grange. Pembroke Grange is another Dolls House Emporium house which has been long discontinued. 

A Picture from an old DHE Catalog 

Pembroke Grange has a strong resemblance to 'Longbourn' house belonging to the Bennet's Family in  the 'Pride & Prejudice' TV Series back in 1995. 'Pride & Prejudice' is indeed one of my favorite novel's by Jane Austen. 

Longbourn House in Pride & Prejudice 

I won't be surprised that this house was the inspiration for Pembroke Grange by DHE.

Longbourn was the only thing that I pictured in my mind when I saw Pembroke Grange, so there was no doubt that I was going for a Regency Period House. 

I started off by dry building the house so I can get more familiar to it and study the interior.

The house itself has six spacious room but the interior was not to my liking. I knew immediately there was going to be some kit bashing. The first thing I hated in the house was the interior side walls. I hated the idea that the side walls were reduced for passage ways instead of having interior doors.  I realized that  two side walls were right in front of the windows in the front panel which didn't make sense. Also I didn't really like the staircase; there was something odd about them.

An addition to the house I wanted to add my neglected, long forgotten, standalone conservatory. It was about time that the conservatory was part of a dolls house and Pembroke Grange was just perfect for it. 

I started off by changing the side walls, removing a room or two, opened the left side wall for the entrance to the conservatory  and as suggested by my dear friend José, I gave more air to the staircase by giving more space to the hall way on the first floor.  

It took me a while to do, but it was definitely worth it! 

When those were done. I gave an undercoat to the wall panels and flooring. I had my floor covered with wood. There was quite a lot to paint.

As soon as the paint was dried, I built the house and tried out the new interior doors.

I painted the outside of the house which still needs a lot of detail and shading and also painted the windows and the front door. 

This is how Pembroke Grange looks like so far.

I can't wait to continue working on the house. Still lots to do. I am waiting for supplies so in the mean time I can continue working on the conservatory. I need to strip it down and make it fit to this building which all this will be happening during this weekend. 

Hope you like what I have done so far. Make sure to keep tuned for the next update on Pembroke Grange. 

Wishing you all a happy weekend.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx


  1. Hello dear friend, another project that I will follow full of curiosity and certainty that I will also learn a lot. You are indeed an expert! I can not imagine how you're going to stay, but one thing is certain, it's going to be a museum piece! Directly full of details and very charming. A hug from portugal. My beach house is stopped again due to lack of time, but in the next vacation I hope to advance a little more.

    1. Thank you so much Ricardo. Glad you will be following this project from the start. There is quiet a lot to do. Don't give up on your Beach house. At the end it will be worth the effort.

  2. Love the conservatory at the side of your house!!! With your changes it begins to look as my Bramasole house. Great to see how you build your house up and curious to see what comes next. Have a lot of fun!
    Have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke

    1. Thank you so much Marijke. I will be sharing the work on the conservatory very soon as I am restoring it for this project.

  3. This is looking awesome already! Love the way you altered the walls, they look much better now! The conservatory is beautiful, and so is the paint job you did on the front door; keep up the good work, Rebecca!

    1. Thank you so much José. Glad that you like its progress so far. Lot of work still needs to be done.