Friday, 20 August 2021

The Children in 'Le Château'

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a great week and that you are looking forward to the weekend. Here I am still working on my French project 'Le Château'. A few residents started to move in to the main quarters of the house. It's quite a big family I have to say so I will start introducing them a few at a time. It always gives me pleasure to hear the laughter and giggles of children especially during play time. They fill the house with positive feelings and make it feel like a home, so I will start with them. 

Sixteen year old Felicia the youngest of her family. She has a much older brother and three sisters. By the time she was ten years old she was already an aunt to three beautiful children. 


 Her first niece is the six year old Camille, daughter of Madam Georgette who is the second daughter, third born and sister to Felicia. She will be introduced later on when her time comes. Young Camille is very attached to her aunt Mademoiselle Thérèse. They enjoy spending time in the Library. Just like her aunt she has a flare for books.

Then there are the five year old twins Paulette and Henri who are cousins to the lovely Camille. They are the children of Monsieur Jean de Forbin first born son and brother to Felicia and Thérèse. 

The twins enjoy spending time with their aunt Felicia and they always find something interesting in her chambers. 


Paulette loves playing with Felicia's doll Esmèe while Henri enjoys playing with the old toy horse. 


The lovely dolls were all made by my dear friend and doll maker Beverley Senatore.  A big thank you goes to you Beverley for making my dolls houses alive with you beautiful dolls. 

Hope you like the new young residents. I think I will prepare a family tree with their pictures and all for you to understand better. I think it will be much easier to follow.  So this is all for today. Make sure to keep tuned for the next updates.

Take Care and See You Soon.

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend.


Rebecca xxx 


  1. The children look so perfect in the scene. Very realistic. They must be very happy. Well done dear

  2. I love that mini dollhouse

  3. Absolutly gorgeous, so lovely and beautiful schouder full of people

  4. Son unos personajes maravillosos que darán mucho calor de hogar a The Chateau.
    Un saludo