Sunday, 21 August 2022

Granny at The Tudor Manor

 Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Today I got to take a few photos of a new resident at Tudor Manor. I wanted you to meet Granny Seph. 

Granny Seph is another doll made by Beverley Senatore and she is all dressed up in the 40's style. She moved immediately in the kitchen of the Tudor Manor and fitted in perfectly.

Granny Seph is named after my own grandmother 'nanna Seph' which was short for Sephora. She reminds me very much of her. Always busy in a typical styled kitchen, always with a smile, white hair and an apron. 

She got to live through WWII,  had to grow up to be a mother to her own siblings as her mother passed at a very young age. She was a mother of six, grandma to twelve and a great grandma to seven. Unfortunately she didn't get to meet her number eight great granddaughter, my little Leah.

She loved her grandchildren and cared for us all. She always managed to find time for all of us even if we were twelve nephews and nieces. When we visited she was always busy in the kitchen.  She was an amazing cook and her dishes were so mouthwatering. The kitchen always smelled good. She kept the house squeeky clean and her washing always smelled of soap. Her white clothing or sheets were as white as if they were brand new. One of the things that always fascinated me was her ironing. I remember myself watching her iron. My gosh she never missed a crease and the lines were perfect.  Something that I have inherited from her. 

I never tired of her stories. She was a great storyteller. I remember her telling us stories from her childhood or stories from the war.

She was hard headed and she would have definitely qualified as the lady of steel not for her physical strength but for having a strong character. I am actually one of the lucky ones that not only she was my grandma but even my godmother. She had traveled all the way from Malta to Canada before I was born just to make sure she was present for the big day. 

Unfortunately she never got to see my collection and see the artist that I have become. I am sure that she would have been very proud of me and I can see her boast about me. I think she would have been happy knowing that there is a doll that represents her.

So this is all for today. Make sure to keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxxx