J.R. Art Gallery

Our Ambassadress Milly Collins got to visit J.R. Art Gallery in Regent Street where she meet with few of our dolls made by Beverely Senatore. 

Our first doll is to be introduced is Mr. Joseph Rookie. He is the artist that owns J.R. Art Gallery.  Mr. Rookie and J.R. Art Gallery joined Regent Street in 2017.  You will find Mr. Rookie behind the counter wrapping up a purchased painting for a client. 

In the gallery you will find Miss Reeva; a regular visitor and client. 

Miss Reeva arrived at My Miniature World back 2015 and joined Regent Street once J. R. Art Gallery was ready.  You will find her roaming in the gallery looking at the most beautiful paintings that the gallery possess. 

In the room above you'll find Mr. Rookie's living quarters. 

In this spacious room, lying on the bed, there's our sleeping Heather. She's totally exhausted after her long day of play.

Nine year old  Heather lives with Mr. Rookie.  The little girl arrived at J.R. Art Gallery in 2018 after Mr. Rookie settled in nicely at Regent Street.  We still don't know how Heather is related to Mr. Rookie. Some say she is his niece and others say she's his daughter. 

Heather also has a little doll to keep her company. We've heard Heather call her Raina on several occasions. She adores that doll.  Tiny Raina had arrived at J.R. Art Gallery in 2017 with Mr. Rookie. 

We all think that Milly has made quite an impression.

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  1. It's amazing all the things you do and the fascinating stories you make up. I just love it. There's so much I don't know about your work. Just wish I had the time to explore. But a bit here and there and I will learn more gradually.