Friday, 8 June 2012

Name Plaques for Dolls Houses

Hello Everyone,

Firstly I want to welcome the new followers of my blog and I want to thank you also for the wonderful comments. It is very encouraging.

Lately I have been thinking about all my projects, and the work and time spent on each one of them. Usually I always change the names of my dolls houses and give them one myself. The only thing is that they never had a name plaque to show off what they are called. I had designed the shops signs on the computer and printed them. The Chestnuts dolls house was called after a name plaque that I had found and as I had completed it just before Christmas it just fitted the scene perfectly. My houses Sea Shells, Butterfly Cottage and Sea View didn't have any name plaques as I didn't want them made out of paper. I have been trying out my hands at polymer clay, I decided to make some name plaques for my dolls houses. I have first shaped them and designed them. Then after baking them I have painted them and varnished them. To be honest they came better than I expected. I am really pleased with them.

Gilbert asked me if I would be selling any of them as they really came out well. I might give it a go if I find persons who are interested. For those who would like any just email or message me. 

The Name Plaques made out of polymer clay

Sea Shells and the Butterfly are embossed and the dolphin and flowers are impressed.
The wording is all engraved
Sea View is plain and simple as it is a modern house. 

Butterfly Cottage just fitted in perfectly with the outdoor environment. 

Sea Shells gave it more  summery feeling.

Well I guess here they are. I hope you like them. 

Keep tuned for more. I wish you all a very nice weekend.

Take Care

Rebecca xxx 



  1. What a great idea, they are lovely.

    1. Thanks Diane, I am so glad that you liked them.

  2. Your little signs are gorgeous and I do so love Butterfly Cottage

  3. Thank you so much Debbie for your lovely comments.